The Essential Phone may not be the best phone you can buy today, but it’s certainly one of the best in terms of hardware. The build of the PH-1 is unlike anything else, and the company extended that attention to detail to its accessories as well. Now, those awesome accessories are for sale on their own.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Last week, Essential’s online store opened up sales for accessories, and that includes everything from chargers to headphone adapters, cables to headphones, and more.

One of the biggest highlights here, at least in my opinion, is the headphone adapter. $15 might be a lot to ask for a simple cable that lets you plug a pair of headphones into your jack-less smartphone, but this braided cable is premium and just looks fantastic. It also works great with the Pixel 2.

Further, Essential is selling the aluminum-clad USB-C charger and braided USB-C cable for $39, as well as a couple of pairs of USB-C headphones that sell for $49 and $99 a piece.

Lastly, Essential’s store now has listings for two new accessories. One of those is the “wireless” charging dock we’ve been seeing for a while, as well as a new case designed for Essential’s 360-degree camera. There’s no pricing on either of these, but it’s great to see they’re on their way.

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