The Google Assistant landed on Android TV late last year starting with the Nvidia Shield TV, and in the time since it’s gotten better and better. Now, the Shield has caught up to Google Home a bit more by adding some new tricks.

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Nvidia posted earlier this week about new capabilities rolling out the Shield TV with Google Assistant, and that starts with broadcasting.

Google Home devices and other Assistant speakers picked up this functionality last year, giving users the ability to broadcast messages from one speaker to the rest of a household with a simple command. Now, that same functionality is available on the Shield.

Further, Nvidia has added support to Assistant on the Shield for displaying live feeds from compatible security cameras, like those from Nest. The company also mentions support for smart thermostats like those from Ecobee, as well as appliance control from products such as LG’s ThinQ lineup.

It’s unclear how many of these are actually new to Assistant on Android TV, as the Assistant doesn’t make obvious what it can and can’t do from platform to platform. Regardless, it’s great to see Nvidia on board with all of these new features.

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