The version of Android that lands on Pixels is arguably the purest form, but it lacks in many areas. One aspect users have asked Google to improve for years has been theming, and now it seems the company has finally listened and brought an official dark theme to Android.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Update: Nope

Last year, a user made a request on Google’s Issue Tracker, asking for a dark theme to be added to Android 9.0 that can be toggled on and off by the user, citing battery savings on OLED displays as a benefit.

Not long after, that request was passed along to Google’s engineering team, and the thread went dark. Today, however, Google has responded yet again with positive news — they’ve added the feature.

Apparently, Google has listened to this request and added a dark theme to Android. The contingency here is that we haven’t explicitly gotten confirmation that this is coming in Android P. Rather, the way the response was crafted leaves it open to a release in a later version of Android.

Hopefully, we’ll see Google debut this long-awaited functionality in Android P, especially seeing that the groundwork was partially laid out on the company’s Pixel 2 devices.

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