There are a lot of important elements to smartphones, but arguably one of the most crucial to day-to-day use is the screen. A poor screen can really take away from the experience, and that’s especially true when it’s the fault of the touchscreen. According to user reports, quite a few Samsung Galaxy S9 devices are having problems in this area, and it’s no fun…

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Some Galaxy S9 and especially Galaxy S9+ users are currently reporting that their new smartphones are seeing some touchscreen problems (via Android Police). The problem manifests itself as a “dead zone” on the display, an area which is mostly unresponsive to touch input.

When a device is affected by this, portions of its touchscreen simply do not work, at least for the most part. Some touches may register, but actions like swiping or long-pressing can be ignored often. Some users report that turning up touch sensitivity or a factory reset can help to keep the problem at bay, but it doesn’t go away completely.

Reports of this problem are all over Reddit and Samsung’s own forums, so it’s clearly fairly widespread. If your device is affected, it’s probably best to get in touch with Samsung to get an RMA. If you purchased your device using the company’s trade-in program, though, you might want to wait it out just a bit, as some users are reporting issues with the process.

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