If you had no idea Google Tasks was a thing, I can’t blame you. Google hasn’t touched the useful to-do list service in ages, with a web interface that still looks straight out of the 2000s. In fact, it’s been so long since the last update for Tasks, that this is the first time we’re covering it on 9to5Google. However, it’s looking like Google might finally be working on reviving the forgotten service…

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The idea of Google Tasks is simple, a catch-all that you can toss various tasks in to to complete on a more casual basis compared to the likes of something like a Calendar. It’s a handy tool for sure, and some third-party apps have made it possible for users to get the most out of it, but Google has been quiet on the tool for ages.

According to Android Police, though, it seems Google may have new plans for Google Tasks. A tipster¬†claims that Google is currently working on a major redesign and overhaul of Google Tasks, and it might be landing very soon. There isn’t anything we know just yet about this new UI or any functionality it may bring along with it, but it’s not a leap to assume Material Design will be front and center.

That is supported by the apparent logo for this new service (seen above). The blue and yellow design screams Google’s design language and looks pretty good if you ask me.

Currently, there’s no evidence outside of this tip that points toward an overhaul coming, but there is one tidbit that gives us a hint about it. Since Tasks was last updated, Google has done a lot to change how URLs act when multiple accounts are active. So if you visit tasks.google.com/?authuser=1, it automatically redirects to¬†tasks.google.com/u/1/, just like Google’s other web clients such as Gmail.

9to5Google’s Take

Google Tasks doesn’t seem necessary when Keep offers a lot of the same functionality, but a handy to-do app with Google account integration, solid web and mobile apps, and the ability to add tasks from Assistant would be more than welcome. Hopefully, we’ll hear more on this soon.

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