Google Tasks Stories September 24

Over a one-month period that ended in late November, Google rolled out updated logos for the vast majority of Workspace apps. Google Tasks was left off the list, but that’s now being rectified with a new icon.

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Google Tasks Stories August 26

Google Tasks is a straightforward organization tool that’s tightly integrated with Gmail, Calendar, and other Workspace apps. A small redesign of Google Tasks for Android and iOS introduces tabs that let you quickly jump between lists.

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Google Tasks Stories April 26

Google Tasks in web sidebar streamlined for quicker, inline editing

The last major update to Google Tasks was in October when it was officially integrated with Calendar for Android and iOS. Google is now making Tasks in the sidebar of Gmail, Calendar, and other Workspace apps more streamlined.

Google Tasks Stories October 2, 2020

Google has been working on Tasks integration in Calendar for Android and iOS over the past year. The feature is now officially rolling out in the coming weeks.

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Google Tasks Stories June 12, 2020

Back in July, we saw signs that Google Calendar for Android would pick up Tasks integration. Almost a year later, Google looks to finally be rolling out the ability to create, view, and manage Tasks in one app.

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Google Tasks Stories April 24, 2020

Gmail on the desktop web today is home to more than just email. It’s long had text chat and video calling, while the last major redesign added Tasks integration. Google now looks to be bringing Chat, Meet, and Tasks functionality directly to Gmail for Android.

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Google Tasks Stories March 17, 2020

Google Tasks integration in Gmail gets more prominent with toolbar shortcut

Gmail’s big Material Theme redesign in 2018 was accompanied by the relaunch of Google Tasks. The integration between the two services is now more prominent with an “Add to tasks” toolbar shortcut.

Google Tasks Stories January 21, 2020

With the launch of Gmail’s Material Theme revamp on the web in 2018, Tasks was reintroduced as a standalone to-do app. Google Tasks now appears to be readying Hangouts Chat integration.

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Google Tasks Stories December 17, 2019

Google Calendar is now testing Google Tasks integration to help you get a better grasp of your to-do lists and daily agendas.

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Google Tasks Stories December 4, 2019

Dark mode now rolling out for Google Tasks on iOS

The dedicated dark mode is rolling out for Google Tasks on iOS.

Google Tasks Stories October 10, 2019

Google Tasks is sparingly updated, but it’s getting a sizable refresh today that introduces a dark theme. More importantly, the Android app gains two homescreen widgets with Google Tasks 1.7.

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Google Tasks Stories July 11, 2019

With the Material Theme revamp of Gmail on the web last year, Google introduced Tasks as a closely integrated to-do app for G Suite. Time sensitive tasks already appear in Google Calendar on the web, with Android integration now in the works.

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Google Tasks Stories July 3, 2019

North brings Google Tasks app to Focals smart glasses

After launching earlier this year, North discounted Focals from $999 to $599. Apps on these smart glasses are known as “abilities,” with Google Fit and Slides launching in May. The latest integration for Focals is a Google Tasks client to see and add new items.

Google Tasks Stories June 26, 2019

The last major update to Google Tasks in March added time-based notifications and importing old reminders from Gmail and Assistant. Version 1.6 today introduces an app shortcut for Google Tasks, Photos integration, and a new FAB.

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Google Tasks Stories May 13, 2019

[Update: Live] Gmail for Android preps Google Tasks integration [APK Insight]

Last April, Google redesigned Gmail on the web with the Material Theme and a number of features like snoozing, nudges, and Smart Reply. Aimed at boosting productivity, another effort was a new side panel with widgets for Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. Google Tasks integration could now be coming to the Android app.

Google Tasks Stories March 18, 2019

With the Material Theme revamp of Gmail on the web last year, Google introduced a significant redesign of Tasks. Google Tasks is today adding some highly requested features, including time-based notifications and import.

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Google Tasks Stories February 5, 2019

Google Tasks’ ancient web interface, which you’ve probably never used, is going away

Believe it or not, Google Tasks has been around for a while — much longer than the new version we’ve been talking about for less than a year. The old Google Tasks web interface, which, chances are, you’ve never used, is shutting down “soon.”

Google Tasks Stories August 22, 2018

Besides the Google Material Theme, Gmail added a number of productivity features with its revamped web version in April. Today, the “quick-access side panel” that provides convenient access to Keep, Tasks, and more is making its way to other G Suite web apps like Docs and Calendar.

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Google Tasks Stories June 14, 2018

Google Tasks will become a G Suite core service starting on June 28th, 2018

It’s only been a couple of months since Google completely revamped its ancient “Tasks” product, and starting later this month, it will become a core service of G Suite.

Google Tasks Stories June 8, 2018

Google Keep for Android, web now supports subtasks in lists

While Google Keep may have been overshadowed by the launch of Google Tasks earlier this year, the note taking application continues to be reliable with a wealth of features. In its latest update, Keep gains the ability to indent items in lists to create subtasks.

Google Tasks Stories April 25, 2018

In addition to a leak late last month, the Gmail on the web revamp confirmed the existence of Google Tasks. Today, Google’s new and unified to-do solution is available for Android with heavy “Material Design 2” stylings.

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Google Tasks Stories March 30, 2018

If you had no idea Google Tasks was a thing, I can’t blame you. Google hasn’t touched the useful to-do list service in ages, with a web interface that still looks straight out of the 2000s. In fact, it’s been so long since the last update for Tasks, that this is the first time we’re covering it on 9to5Google. However, it’s looking like Google might finally be working on reviving the forgotten service…

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