Google’s social network Google+ is very much on its last limbs. The company announced last year that the service would be shutting down in late 2019, and then that timeline was moved up dramatically. Tonight, the service has experienced an interruption.

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Update: Just hours after it began, it appears Google+ service has been restored.

If you happen to still use Google+, the service is down entirely this evening. All portions of the site are inoperable from the main feed to profiles. The cause is unclear, and it’s unknown when the service will come back up at the company has yet to publicly acknowledge the issue. It appears that Google+ has been down for a number of hours at this point.

It’s entirely possible that, in some way, this issue is related to API closures. Google previously announced that it would be shutting down its Google+ APIs this month, so this may be related somehow. Of course, that’s just speculation.

Since the announcement of its closing, Google+ users have been continually dwindling. It’s highly unlikely that tonight’s service interruption is some sort of early, unannounced closure. Hopefully, the service will be restored over the next few hours. We’ll update this article once it has returned.

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