Google is now selling Google Fi SIM cards at more than 500 Best Buy locations around the United States, the Mountain View company announced today. The deal is pretty straightforward: SIMs cost $10, and you get a $10 service credit on Fi upon activation, making them essentially free.

A Google Fi Community Manager detailed the deal over on Reddit:

These SIMs will be sold separately from devices and are priced at $9.99. When you purchase a Fi SIM from participating Best Buy stores, you are eligible to receive a $10 service credit upon SIM activation on Fi (with a limit of one qualifying activation per person and a limit of six qualifying activations per group plan). Note: While Best Buy employees will not be able to assist in Fi SIM activations, it’s easy to do on your own by following the steps listed here.

The target customer here is almost certainly those already looking to sign up for a prepaid cell plan. Most Best Buy stores already have a shelf of pre-paid carrier options, and this will presumably be a simple addition to that display.

If you’ve been considering switching to Fi but for whatever reason don’t want to wait for a SIM to arrive in the mail, you can check store availability over at Best Buy’s website. As of this writing, every store within my radius currently has three cards in stock.

Alternatively, if you’re already a Google Fi subscriber, you too can pick up one of these cards to add devices to your plan if you wish. You’ll also be given a $10 service credit for activating a new line on Fi, up to 6 per group plan.

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