Every day, we offload tasks to the Google Assistant to save time and effort, including opening apps by name. In the coming months, you’ll be able to open into deeper parts of your Android apps using the Google Assistant’s “App Actions.”

By saying a phrase such as “start my run in Nike Run Club” or “send $20 to Stephen on PayPal” to the Google Assistant, you’ll be able to jump right into the most useful parts of your apps.

Google previewed App Actions for the Assistant at last year’s I/O, and this year, they’re finally opening the ability to create these App Actions to developers.

At the start, only apps in one of four categories will be able to offer App Actions through the Google Assistant—Health & Fitness, Finance & Banking, Ridesharing, and Food Ordering. Google offered PayPal and Nike Run Club as examples of apps that are already implementing the Assistant’s App Actions.

While the feature isn’t launching to consumers for another few months, developers who wish to get started with App Actions for the Google Assistant can start preparing their apps today by connecting their app intents to Google Assistant Actions.

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