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April 21

Google is adding a price-tracking tool to Chrome for Android [Gallery]

After pulling the plug on its Shopping app on Android earlier this month to replace it with the web app, Google is bringing one of the app’s useful features to Chrome. Soon, Chrome for Android will have a price-tracking feature.

April 19

Chrome ‘Memories’ will bring a new way to look at your browser history

One fundamental feature of the web browser is the ability to find sites you’ve viewed before in your history. Google Chrome is set to gain “Memories” as an alternative way to look through your browser history.


Chrome 90 for iPhone and iPad rolling out with trio of search, Dino widgets

Last month, Google released the first Chrome for iOS update since November. However, that version just focused on delivering bug fixes as the company waited for the next major browser milestone to add new features. Chrome 90 for iPhone and iPad is now rolling out with widgets.

April 28

How to stop all websites from sending notification prompts in Google Chrome

You’ve probably noticed over the past few years that more and more websites are prompting users to enable notifications. While useful from time to time, it can be annoying, too. Here’s how to stop any and all websites from asking to send notifications in Google Chrome.

April 29

Chrome for Android gaining more Google Lens shortcuts [Updated]

For a few months now, Chrome for Android has had an easy shortcut to search for an image you find online using Google Lens. Now it seems Chrome for Android may be gaining more handy Google Lens shortcuts. Update 4/29: This feature has begun to roll out in Chrome Beta for Android.

Google Meet and Chat will soon be installed on Chrome OS devices by default

Google’s apps for messaging and video calling, Google Meet and Google Chat, will soon be installed by default on Chrome OS devices.

May 7

Windows 10X, Microsoft’s Chrome OS competitor, not launching in 2021 and likely killed

At the start of 2021, a “near final version” of the operating system with which Microsoft intends to counter Chrome OS leaked. It revealed key visual similarities to Google’s offering, but it has now emerged that Windows 10X is not shipping in 2021 and might have been killed, at least in its current iteration.

April 15

Chrome pauses requirement for PWAs to work while offline

Google has announced that they’re delaying their original plans for Chrome to enforce Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to have functioning offline support.

April 22

Chrome OS tests adding the date and more to the shelf [Updated]

Chrome OS will soon be testing a frequently requested feature, the ability to have the current date and notification icons displayed in the corner of the shelf. Update: Google has changed the flags that are used to add the date to your Chrome OS shelf.

April 21

Chrome OS 90 rolling out: Live Caption, Diagnostics app, and more

Following the desktop update last week, Chrome OS 90 is beginning to roll out today. There are a handful of usability enhancements in this release, which will be available over the coming days.

April 27

Pichai teases ‘significant’ announcements at Google I/O 2021 as product cycles return to normal

Alphabet this afternoon reported big Q1 earnings with notable year-over-year growth as ad spending returned. In prepared remarks, CEO Sundar Pichai told investors to expect “significant product updates and announcements” at Google I/O 2021 next month.

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS now supports AMD Ryzen and built-in cam/mic, lowers RAM requirement

Back in October, Google and Parallels let enterprise users run Windows on Chromebooks for the first time. A big update is now rolling out to Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS that adds a slew of new features.

Mighty wants to ‘make Chrome faster’ by streaming a browser from the cloud, starting on macOS

With the underlying concept popularized by Stadia and other game services, Mighty wants to stream an entire Chromium browser from the cloud. The effort emerged this week after two years of development with a tagline of “Make Chrome Faster.”

April 29

Opinion: Actually, the new ‘Mighty’ browser is the ‘Chrome Cloud Tabs’ feature I’ve been waiting for

Mighty is a new browser project that puts Google Chrome in the cloud and streams it to your PC. While I don’t know if Mighty will end up making sense for my personal situation, it does perfectly resemble a product I’ve found myself hoping Google itself would build as a feature in Chrome. How worthwhile […]

April 15

Chrome now lets you directly ‘link to highlight’ & rename windows as PDF viewer updated

Last year, Chrome introduced the ability to link to a highlight on web pages. The creation process involved downloading a separate first-party extension, but Google is now directly integrating this feature in Chrome. 

May 6

Works With Chromebook docking stations are coming in two sizes and support automatic updates

Last March, Google announced a “Works With Chromebook” program to certify and badge accessories for Chrome OS. The latest peripheral to come out of this certification is docking stations. 

April 19

Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming expands to Chrome and other browsers in ‘limited beta’

As it teased earlier this year, Microsoft is expanding its xCloud streaming for Xbox Game Pass to Chrome and other browsers, though it’s starting in a “limited beta.”

April 14

Chrome 90 rolling out: AV1 encoder optimized for video calls, easily hide Reading List

Following version 89’s release on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, the next release of Google’s browser is rolling out. Chrome 90 is here with a handful of tweaks and underlying additions.

April 30

Now EU regulators are worried about Google’s FLoC initiative, too

As Google tests out its replacement for third-party cookies, the Federated Learning of Cohorts, the company has faced a lot of scrutinies for the initiative. Now, some regulators in the EU are raising concerns about FLoC as well that could spell trouble for the future of Google’s initiative.

April 28

9to5Google Daily 649: Galaxy S21 devices get a unique Google Messages app, cloud browser company aims to ‘make Chrome faster’, plus more

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