Android Accessibility Suite Stories February 23

TalkBack, part of the broader Android Accessibility Suite, gives spoken feedback to your taps, enabling you to use your phone without needing to see the screen. Today, among a suite of Android updates, Google has announced version 9.1 of TalkBack, adding new gestures, in-depth customization, and more.

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Android Accessibility Suite Stories October 8, 2020

Over the years, Google has worked hard to add accessibility features to Android, both to make Android itself more accessible and to use Android’s smarts to make the world more accessible. The latest Android accessibility feature, Sound Notifications, can alert those with hearing loss to any important noises nearby.

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Android Accessibility Suite Stories April 9, 2020

Android in recent years has added a number of accessibility features, including Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier. Google is now rolling out a virtual braille keyboard to most modern Android devices.

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Android Accessibility Suite Stories July 24, 2019

Earlier this year, Google launched Sound Amplifier to help Android users hard of hearing better understand what’s happening around them. This Android Accessibility app now works with 6.0 Marshmallow or later, and is getting a redesigned look with an audio visualization feature.

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Android Accessibility Suite Stories November 19, 2018

Android Accessibility Suite 7.2 adds new features to TalkBack, Switch Access, Select to Speak

Back in June, Google renamed TalkBack to the Android Accessibility Suite. It’s a collection of the company’s assistive services for phones and tablets to help with eyes-free usage. Version 7.2 is widely rolling out today with a number of updates.

Android Accessibility Suite Stories June 20, 2018

Google renames TalkBack app to Android Accessibility Suite with latest update

One of Android’s primary accessibility features is a tool called “TalkBack” that provides spoken feedback for anything on a screen so that visual impaired users can navigate devices. Google today renamed the assistive service to the Android Accessibility Suite.

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