Live Transcribe Stories March 10, 2022

To help aide those that suffer from hearing impairments Google is now expanding the Live Transcribe feature to work completely offline.

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Live Transcribe Stories October 8, 2020

Over the years, Google has worked hard to add accessibility features to Android, both to make Android itself more accessible and to use Android’s smarts to make the world more accessible. The latest Android accessibility feature, Sound Notifications, can alert those with hearing loss to any important noises nearby.

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Live Transcribe Stories May 21, 2020

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and Google is marking the occasion with several mobile features. One-tap Assistant Action Blocks are launching today on Android, along with new features for Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.

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Live Transcribe Stories June 3, 2019

Back in February, Google introduced Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe for Android. An upcoming update to the latter app next month will let users see non-speech sound events, like clapping and music, as well as transcripts.

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Live Transcribe Stories May 16, 2019

Google says Android Live Transcribe can technically detect farts, but it won’t (for now)

Machine learning powers a slew of features across Google’s apps and services. The company spent I/O 2019 and today highlighting various accessibility use cases. That happened to spur a discussion on Twitter that concluded with Google acknowledging that Android ML fart detection is technically in the realm of possibility.

Live Transcribe Stories February 4, 2019

Just yesterday during the Super Bowl, Google took out an ad to go over how Translate helps users around the world to better understand their surroundings and communicate. Today, Google is announcing two new accessibility features for Android users who are deaf or hard of hearing with Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.

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