beta testing Stories June 15, 2016

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One of the benefits of expanded usage of social networks is the ease through which customers and companies interact with one another. Relatively new ones — like OnePlus, for instance — owe much to their communities, and often offer them ways to be more involved with the company’s decisions.

In fact, another newcomer in the smartphone game — Nextbit — is announcing that it’s taking a similar approach…

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beta testing Stories July 30, 2015



Up until today, testing out an Android app that’s in beta has required going through a non-intuitive process that includes joining a group on Google+ (or Google Groups) and then clicking a special Play Store link which typically doesn’t even work until a few minutes after you join the associated group (which can lead people to thinking that something isn’t working). It’s weird and inelegant, so Google has just announced two new (easier) ways through which developers can grant users access to their betas.

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beta testing Stories May 15, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 9.40.03 AM

Google today announced new features coming to the Google Play Developer Console that will make it easier for developers to track and optimize apps across markets.

Perhaps one of the biggest features that will soon be available to developers is the ability to manage beta testing and staged rollouts right from within the Developers Console. The tool will allow developers to select a percentage of users for a stage rollout and easily beta test their apps among small amounts of users.

Among the new features, Google will be rolling out a new APK translation feature built into the console that allows developers to purchase translations through various providers directly through the console.

Other features headed to the developer console include optimization tips, referral tracking, and detailed revenue graphs. Check out a full gallery of the new features below: expand full story

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