Calculator Stories March 30, 2016



Google has been slowly moving many of its stock apps to be available on the Play Store, and today marks the day that the Calculator app gets the honor. The Play Store listing, which of course offers the app for free, also brings an update to version 6.0 which includes a new Android Wear app…

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Calculator Stories July 10, 2015

Google releases ‘Ivy’ app for iOS, an experimental big number calculator

Google has quietly launched a new iOS app today called Ivy that it describes as an experimental big number calculator.

Calculator Stories March 17, 2015

Chrome OS beta update brings Material Design to Files app, other new features

Google today released the latest Beta channel release for Chrome OS users and with it comes a few new features that should arrive for all soon.

First up, the beta release brings Material Design to the Files app, the ability to pin apps to the shelf, and support for password-protected zip files.

The update also includes an updated calculator app, according to Google highlight of features on its Chrome Releases blog, and “bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements”

The new Chrome OS beta, version 42.0.2311.41, is rolling out for all Chrome OS devices in the coming days except the following: “Pixel, Acer Chromebox CXI, LG Chromebase, Asus Chromebox, Dell Chromebox, HP Chromebox, HP Chromebook 14, Toshiba Chromebook, Acer C720, Dell Chromebook 11.”

Calculator Stories February 3, 2015

A built-in mortgage calculator is now rolling out to Google Search

A new feature is rolling out to Google Search that puts a smart mortgage calculator right at the top of results for certain search terms (via Search Engine Land). Specifically, the above interactive quick answer will show up for search terms such as mortgage calculator, loan interest calculator, interest calculator, and many others. Personally, we couldn’t get it to show up yet.

After you fill in the mortgage amount, interest rate, and mortgage period, the little widget will spit out the total cost of the mortgage as well as what the monthly payment would be. The feature was first being tested a couple of months ago, but it appears that many Google users across the net are now seeing it live.

Calculator Stories July 25, 2012


You may already be aware that Google search provides a calculator that offers answers to queries, such as 2+2 directly, from the main search results page. As pointed out by a reader, Google recently updated the calculator search functionality, and it now provides a full HTML5 scientific calculator for these types of search queries. The features work with voice—except for on mobile devices, as they do not have access to the full scientific calculator presented on desktops.

Earlier this month, Google started to roll out a similar widget on its search page for unit conversions, like inches to centimeters. Now, unit conversion queries are presented with the live unit conversion tool (pictured below) that allows you to switch between units of measurements for temperature, length, mass, speed, digital storage, and much more.

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