Change Stories June 30, 2015

Knowledge Graph cards in search are no longer showing Google+ posts

Despite things “going really well,” it looks like Google is backtracking on a decision it made long ago to include Google+ profile links in Knowledgr Graph cards for popular brands. A Google spokesperson talking to Search Engine Land has confirmed the change, saying that it’s intended to bring “more consistency.”

As you can see below, the section was¬†labeled as “Recent posts on Google+”:

Notably, this minor change isn’t going to affect Google+ results showing up in regular searches. And while you won’t find a featured link to the Google+ profile of a company you search for, Google has been putting social links to most popular networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and others, in its Knowledge Graph cards since January.¬†

The change started rolling out at some point last week.

Change Stories December 15, 2014

Google Now Nest

It was only a matter of time following Google’s acquisition of home automation company Nest earlier this year that users would begin receiving the best of both worlds. One of the first marriages of each company’s products and services is Google Now integration with Nest, allowing for users to control the smart thermostat using voice commands. expand full story

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