Chrome 90 Stories May 21

Google Chrome 90 is crashing for some Windows users; temporary fix available

The latest widely-available update for Google’s popular desktop browser, Chrome 90, is causing a strange crashing issue for some Windows 10 users. Here’s what’s happening and, if you’re affected, a possible fix.

Chrome 90 Stories April 22

Chrome OS will soon be testing a frequently requested feature, the ability to have the current date and notification icons displayed in the corner of the shelf.

Update: Google has changed the flags that are used to add the date to your Chrome OS shelf.

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Chrome 90 Stories April 21

Following the desktop update last week, Chrome OS 90 is beginning to roll out today. There are a handful of usability enhancements in this release, which will be available over the coming days.

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Chrome 90 Stories April 15

Last year, Chrome introduced the ability to link to a highlight on web pages. The creation process involved downloading a separate first-party extension, but Google is now directly integrating this feature in Chrome. 

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Chrome 90 Stories April 14

Following version 89’s release on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, the next release of Google’s browser is rolling out. Chrome 90 is here with a handful of tweaks and underlying additions.

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Chrome 90 Stories January 11

Google Chrome will soon have an experiment that will automatically try to connect to the HTTPS versions of website URLs that you type into the address bar instead of the insecure HTTP version.

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