Chronicle Stories March 4

Early last year, Chronicle was spun out of X to be its own independent Alphabet company focussed on cybersecurity. The first new product from the group is a global security telemetry platform called Backstory.

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Chronicle Stories September 27, 2018

Alphabet in January unveiled Chronicle as the latest project to graduate from the X moonshot factory. Focusing on cybersecurity, this company includes the VirusTotal malware scanning tool that Google bought in 2012. Today, the Alphabet division is launching VirusTotal Enterprise for corporate customers that want advanced capabilities.

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Chronicle Stories January 24, 2018

Alphabet’s X division has a number of ongoing projects, while recent years have seen more “graduations” into independent companies. The latest is called “Chronicle” and comes as “cybersecurity needs a moonshot,” according to X head Astro Teller.

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