cloud business Stories July 20, 2016


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With Cloud Machine Learning, Google hopes to “take machine learning mainstream” by allowing developers to build “a new class of intelligent applications.” The company is launching two new natural language and speech APIs in open beta today. Additionally, a new Cloud Region will result in users on the North American West Coast seeing less latency in apps and services.

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cloud business Stories February 23, 2016

Spotify transitioning to Google’s Cloud Platform to power their music backend

Spotify has announced that it is moving its music streaming backend to the Google Cloud Platform. The gigantic task will take place over the coming weeks and months and hopefully should not result in any service disruptions for users. For Google, the move is a clear win for their burgeoning cloud business.

cloud business Stories November 19, 2015



Sundar Pichai has taken to the Google for Work blog today to announce that Diane Greene, co-founder of VMWare, is taking lead of a newly-organized group at Google that combines the company’s cloud businesses. Besides the obvious Google Cloud Platform, this move pulls in Google for Work and Google Apps to make one integrated team… expand full story

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