Google Cloud Platform Stories December 21, 2020

Google announces new cloud regions for Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Chile, 12 now in development

Cloud regions let developers run hosted services closer to where their users are located for a faster, more reliable experience. Google Cloud today announced a trio of new regions for Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Chile.

Google Cloud Platform Stories July 28, 2020

In recent years, Google has been building private subsea cables in addition to leasing access and partnering on joint efforts. Google’s latest project is “Grace Hopper” and will connect the US with the UK and Spain.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories July 14, 2020

Cloud Next is Google’s annual conference for enterprise partners and developers. Like other physical events this year, it’s now taking place virtually over nine weeks. The first is on “Industry Insights,” and Google Cloud today announced Confidential Computing.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories June 17, 2019

In addition to medical advancements from the AI division, Google has a presence in health as a cloud provider. Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to work on “healthcare innovation” and migrate to the Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories March 8, 2019

Google Cloud Platform offering discounts to the Internet2 consortium of universities

Beyond Chromebooks for K-12, Google’s products can play a big role in higher education especially as computing moves to the cloud. The company today announced that it’s expanding a deal with the Internet2 consortium of 316 universities to offer Google Cloud Platform “special benefits.”

Google Cloud Platform Stories January 24, 2019

G Suite services like Gmail and Drive, only make up a part of Google Cloud’s offerings. As part of its enterprise push, Google offers various ML services and compute capabilities, with the entertainment industry an area of particular focus. Google Cloud and Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) today announced its work on OpenCue.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories September 20, 2018

Google Cloud launches Cloud Source Repositories beta for developers

When Google Code, Google’s free hosting for open source projects, began shutting down in 2015, the developer community was reasonably upset. Google seems to have taken some of that criticism to heart with the launch of the Cloud Source Repositories beta, while adding powerful new features for enterprise customers.

Google Cloud Platform Stories August 21, 2018

Google Cloud Platform now offers cryptographic hardware as a service

Google Cloud Platform is launching a new hardware-based offering to complement its Cloud Key Management Service with new standards compliant key generation methods to help customers with their most sensitive information.

Google Cloud Platform Stories July 18, 2018

Late last month, a company using the Google Cloud Platform had an incident where a critical application was immediately suspended by Google without warning. This was a cause for alarm given how many apps today run in the cloud. Google today announced a series of improvements to prevent any more sudden suspensions.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories July 17, 2018

Google Cloud Platform outage brings down Spotify, Snapchat, and more [Update: Back]

Update: Third-party services started to come back online at 12:58PM, with Google reporting that all issues have been resolved as of 1:05PM.

Update 7/18: Google has issued a technical explanation for the issue that boils down to a bug in a new feature that wasn’t caught during testing.

The Google Cloud Platform is down this afternoon with the official status page noting outages for a handful of services. As a result, Spotify, Snapchat, and other companies that use Google as a backend are currently unavailable.

Google Cloud is rapidly expanding its infrastructure from new cloud regions to investing in three consortium subsea cables this year alone. The latest move involves building its first private trans-Atlantic cable to further expand its network.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories April 17, 2018

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for creating Google Assistant Actions exits beta

Many developers when creating applications today also have to target the smart speakers platform and other similar devices. Google’s solution for creating conversational Actions is called Dialogflow and today the Enterprise Edition is now generally available.

Google Cloud Platform Stories April 4, 2018

Google connecting Japan-Guam-Australia w/ latest undersea fiber cable investment

At the start of 2018, Google revealed that over the last three years it has spent $30 billion to improve its infrastructure. Including data center and undersea cables, this helps the performance of both consumer services and Cloud infrastructure for enterprise. Google announced today that it’s investing in the Japan-Guam-Australia (JGA) Cable System.

Google Cloud Platform Stories March 27, 2018

Given the rise of smart assistants and smart home devices, text-to-speech (TTS) is increasingly one primary method of interaction. Google is today introducing its Cloud Text-to-Speech technology and making it available for developers to use.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories March 21, 2018

The enterprise is one area where Google is committing vast resources in order to gain a foothold in the lucrative market occupied by Amazon and Microsoft. Google Cloud’s latest efforts to attract customers are centered around security with 20 feature announcements today.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories March 13, 2018

Google & Ubisoft announce Agones, a game server hosting project

Google and Ubisoft have today announced Agones, an in-development game server hosting project. Agones, which appropriately means “contest” in greek, is powered by Google-made Kubernetes, which is an open source system “for building complex workloads and distributed systems.”

Google Cloud Platform Stories February 15, 2018

Google to acquire IoT management service Xively for $50 million

Relentlessly focussed on capturing the enterprise market, Google Cloud’s latest move is the acquisition of Internet of Things service Xively to boost its existing management service for the quickly growing field.

Google Cloud Platform Stories December 22, 2017

With Christmas quickly approaching, many are concluding last-minute shopping as stores — both physical and virtual — push various deals. Meanwhile, crunch time is also happening up in the North Pole.

In an amusing, but informative blog post today, one of Santa’s elves describes how the North Pole takes advantage of the Google Cloud Platform for all their critical gift-giving needs.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories August 9, 2017

Google slashes pricing on cloud SSDs by up to 63%

This week Google announced a significant price cut to its pricing on storage in Google Cloud Platform, giving customers access to high-speed SSDs for up to 63% less than previous prices.

Google Cloud Platform Stories March 9, 2017

At day two of Cloud Next ’17, Google’s Firebase app development suite was announced to have closer integration with the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Functions for Firebase offers a complete backend serverless solution, while Cloud Storage for Firebase improves the app storage experience.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories February 28, 2017

Google says its CDN Interconnect ecosystem has grown to 8 providers

Google this evening has announced that with the general availability of Google Cloud CDN, it has expanded the number of CDNs in the ecosystem to eight. This move, the company says, offers “choice and speed to Google Cloud Platform customers.”

Google Cloud Platform Stories February 21, 2017


Machine learning tasks, like image processing, are better suited running on GPUs rather than traditional CPUs. Google is now leveraging that by allowing its Cloud Platform users to attach GPUs to existing virtual machines and workloads.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories February 14, 2017

Cloud Spanner beta brings Google’s globally-distributed database solution to third-party developers

Used internally to run several large services, Google is making its Spanner globally-distributed database solution available for third-party developers. Cloud Spanner is launching in public beta today with the promise of bringing both consistency and scaling to mission-critical applications…

Google Cloud Platform Stories November 21, 2016


Google today announced in a blog post that it has acquired Qwiklabs, the startup aimed at educating IT professionals on the benefits of using the cloud. The company was founded in 2012 and Google says that Qwiklabs will remain available following the acquisition.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories September 22, 2016


Now ex-Director of Product Management for Google’s Cloud Platform Greg DeMichillie has departed the Mountain View company to head back to Adobe to serve as its Head of Developer Platform & Ecosystem. This is a move back to Adobe because, before his time at Google, DeMichillie was at the creative, marketing, and document software company as a Director of Product Management between 2008 and 2012…

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Google Cloud Platform Stories September 8, 2016

Google picks up API management platform Apigee for $625 million

Via a blog post earlier today, Google announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Apigee, an API management platform. The company went public last year and has worked with clients such as Walgreens, AT&T, Bechtel, Burberry, First Data, and Live Nation. Google will shell out $625 million for the company, slightly higher than Apigee’s market cap yesterday of $498 million…

Google Cloud Platform Stories July 20, 2016

cloud computing

With Cloud Machine Learning, Google hopes to “take machine learning mainstream” by allowing developers to build “a new class of intelligent applications.” The company is launching two new natural language and speech APIs in open beta today. Additionally, a new Cloud Region will result in users on the North American West Coast seeing less latency in apps and services.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories July 7, 2016


Google just confirmed its latest acquisition with an announcement on its Google Cloud Platform blog that it’s purchasing video/broadcasting platform Anvato.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories April 4, 2016

Google announces new faster API for Google Cloud Datastore

Today Google has announced a new faster API for its NoSQL database for web and mobile apps. It goes without saying that this is read as a foreign language to anyone without a development background, Google says that it  has “redesigned the underlying architecture that supports the cross-platform API for accessing Datastore outside of Google App Engine, such as from Google Container Engine and Google Compute Engine“…

Google Cloud Platform Stories March 23, 2016


Google today kicked off its GCP Next 2016 event in San Francisco, California, and with it comes — not surprisingly — the announcement of some new products that will bolster Google’s cloud offerings. The company announced plans to take machine learning mainstream with Cloud Machine Learning, many enterprise feature enhancements, a new unified monitoring, logging and diagnostics service called Stackdriver, new partners for cloud ops, and more…

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Google Cloud Platform Stories March 16, 2016

icloud Google Cloud Platform

According to CRN and other sources, iCloud will soon be partially powered by the Google Cloud Platform by way of a deal that could also be used as leverage to cut its cloud costs with Amazon and Microsoft. Such a move is a big win for Google’s burgeoning cloud enterprise business.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories February 23, 2016

Spotify transitioning to Google’s Cloud Platform to power their music backend

Spotify has announced that it is moving its music streaming backend to the Google Cloud Platform. The gigantic task will take place over the coming weeks and months and hopefully should not result in any service disruptions for users. For Google, the move is a clear win for their burgeoning cloud business.

Google Cloud Platform Stories February 18, 2016

Google’s image scanning Cloud Vision API gets official pricing as it enters open beta

If you’ve searched for objects or landmarks in Google Photos, you have already used Google’s Cloud Vision API without knowing it. Today, the Mountain View company announced that it is now opening up the API to more developers as it enters beta. Launched in limited preview last December, Google has also announced pricing for the service.

Google Cloud Platform Stories October 13, 2015

Google launches Cloud Datalab, Cloud Shell for Cloud Platform customers

Google has today launched a couple of new products for Google Cloud Platform customers: Google Cloud Datalab, and Google Cloud Shell. Both of them are available via the web today in beta form…

Here’s the scoop on Cloud Datalab:

Google Cloud Datalab, available today in Beta is a web-based interactive developer tool that allows you to get insights from your raw data and explore, share, and publish reports in a fast, simple and cost-effective way. Cloud Datalab combines the power of Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage with familiar data science ecosystems built around IPython, removing the need for complex integration between products.

And here’s the gist on Cloud Shell:

Our customers want to be able to easily manage their infrastructure and applications when running on Google Cloud Platform no matter where they are.  Building on the ability to SSH from the browser we released for Google Compute Engine VM instances last year, today we’re launching Google Cloud Shell Beta, which extends from just VMs to all aspects of the platform.

These announcements are certainly irrelevant for the vast majority of regular users, but for those of you out there that are running apps on Google’s Cloud Platform, you have a couple of new tools. On a somewhat related note, an Amazon Web Services VP accidentally showed a picture of Google’s data centers at re:Invent last week.


Google Cloud Platform Stories August 24, 2015

Google has its own enterprise-grade cloud storage offering which competes with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft for storing data from big Internet players like Snapchat and Netflix. Now you can send your data to their cloud in the most literal, or most lazy, way ever before possible.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories May 18, 2015

Google Cloud Platform

Google has today announced big price drops for all Google Compute Engine Instance types, following the Moore’s law pricing philosophy that the company committed to last year. Effective today, the prices of virtual machines through Google Cloud Platform are dropping up to 30%, and Google is also introducing a new class of preemptible virtual machines that could bring prices even lower in some cases…

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Google Cloud Platform Stories March 25, 2015

Google releases new ‘Cloud Console’ app for mobile Google Cloud Platform management

Google has today released a new app called “Cloud Console” in beta, and it brings a convenient mobile management console to those who have solutions running on Google’s Cloud Platform.

Among the app’s highlighted features, you’ll find the ability to check the status of Google App Engine and Compute Engine resources, create custom dashboards to get a “glanceable overview” of your solutions, take action from your mobile handset like stopping virtual machines, and view and manage incidents in Google Cloud monitoring.

Here’s the official description:

The Cloud Console enables you to manage your solution running on the Google Cloud Platform directly from your Android phone or tablet:

* Check the state of your Google App Engine or Compute Engine resources * Create your own custom dashboard to get a glanceable overview of your solution * Take quick actions directly from your device such as stopping a virtual machine * View and manage Incidents tracked in Google Cloud monitoring

We plan on shipping new features regularly. Please give us your feedback in the app by swiping from the left and tapping “Send feedback”.

You can get the app for free on the Play Store.

Update: The app has now been officially announced:

Imagine being away from your desk and receiving automatic alerts when an issue occurs in your Google App Engine app. Or waiting at the airport and stopping your test VMs before leaving for vacation. With the beta launch of Cloud Console for Android, managing Google Cloud Platform from your phone or tablet is possible (and yes, an iOS version is in the works).

Google Cloud Platform Stories January 29, 2015

VMware to offer four Google Cloud Platform services later this year

Google has announced on its Google Cloud Platform Blog that it is planning to make four Google Cloud Platform services available to VMware customers later this year:

Many businesses around the world rely on VMware datacenter virtualization solutions to virtualize their infrastructure and optimize the agility and efficiency of their data centers. Today we’re excited to announce that we are teaming up with VMware to make select Google Cloud Platform services available to VMware customers via vCloud Air, VMware’s hybrid cloud platform. We know how valuable flexibility is to a business when determining its total infrastructure solution, and with today’s announcement, enterprise businesses leveraging VMware’s datacenter virtualization solutions gain the flexibility to easily integrate Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories December 8, 2014

Google Cloud Platform gains expanded Windows support

Google announced on Monday that it has expanded Windows support for Google Cloud Platform by releasing three enhancements to Google Compute Engine for running Windows-based workloads. The additions will make it easier for Windows users to leverage the performance and scale of Google data centers.

Google Cloud Platform Stories October 28, 2014

PWC Google Apps for Work

Google announced on Tuesday that professional services company PwC is the latest business to adopt the Apps for Work suite and Google Cloud Platform. The news comes less than one day after Google tabbed Squarespace and WordPress as two other new Google for Work partners, greatly expanding its business portfolio as competition increases. expand full story

Google Cloud Platform Stories July 2, 2014


Whether you’re an avid soccer fan or a compulsive gambler looking for an edge, Google’s cloud platform could be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on who you’re rooting for in this year’s World Cup. In a blog post today, product marketing manager, Benjamin Bechtolsheim revealed that so far the company’s system has managed to correctly predict winners for each match in the tournament’s Round of 16.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories April 2, 2014

Google improving performance of Cloud Platform with Andromeda virtualization stack

On the Google Cloud Platform blog, Google has announced that it has now publicly released its ‘Andromeda’ virtualization stack to all Platform users. Users on its US central and western European servers should see ‘major’ performance gains automatically. Google is rolling out the same changes to its other zones in the coming months, so all users will benefit from the same efficiency gains.

Andromeda’s goal is to expose the raw performance of the underlying network while simultaneously exposing network function virtualization (NFV). We expose the same in-network processing that enables our internal services to scale while remaining extensible and isolated to end users. This functionality includes distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, transparent service load balancing, access control lists, and firewalls. We do this all while improving performance, with more enhancements coming.

Hence, Andromeda itself is not a Cloud Platform networking product; rather, it is the basis for delivering Cloud Platform networking services with high performance, availability, isolation, and security. For example, Cloud Platform firewalls, routing, and forwarding rules all leverage the underlying internal Andromeda APIs and infrastructure. Our site presents the details of these and other advanced network capabilities.

Full technical details of the Andromeda changes can be found in the blog post.

Google Cloud Platform Stories August 15, 2013

Google launches server-side encryption for Cloud Storage at no charge to developers

Google announced today on its Cloud Platform Blog that the data stored in its Cloud Storage platform will now be automatically encrypted before written to disk at no additional charge to developers. Google said the process will not involve any input or configuration from developers and that the new encryption will cause “no visible performance impact”:

We manages the cryptographic keys on your behalf using the same hardened key management systems that Google uses for our own encrypted data, including strict key access controls and auditing. Each Cloud Storage object’s data and metadata is encrypted with a unique key under the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128), and the per-object key itself is encrypted with a unique key associated with the object owner. These keys are additionally encrypted by one of a regularly rotated set of master keys.

Google noted that developers will still be able to encrypt data using their own methods and manage their own decryption keys, but from now on Google will free developers from the effort and cost associated with doing so. The new server-side encryption is active starting today for new data written to the platform, and Google says it will work with both new objects or for overwriting existing objects. It also said that “older objects will be migrated and encrypted in the coming months.”

In July, reports claimed that Google was also readying server-side encryption for files stored in its consumer-facing Drive cloud storage service.

Google Cloud Platform Stories April 2, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.53.40 AM

Twilio, a voice and messaging API solution, announced a partnership with Google’s Cloud Platform today.

Twilio is the first of its kind to integrate with Google App Engine and give developers voice and messaging services for their apps with just a few lines of code, and its APIs are priced on a pay-per-use scale, as first noted by TechCrunch. Voice services like making calls, for instance, start at 2 cents per minute, and the ability to receive calls costs just $1 per phone number and 1 cent per minute.

“We’re very excited to partner with Google to be the first voice and messaging platform integrated with Google Cloud Platform,” explained Twilio on its blog, while also listing step-by-step instructions on how to register with Google App Engine, build a messaging app, etc.

Twilio’s SDK notably includes one-to-one voice and messaging, SIP support, in-app conference calling, group texting, two-factor authentication, phone numbers, and mobile app distribution. Hipmunk, for instance, uses Twilio’s distribution feature to supply users with a text message and link to download its app.

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