Google Cloud Platform Stories July 28

In recent years, Google has been building private subsea cables in addition to leasing access and partnering on joint efforts. Google’s latest project is “Grace Hopper” and will connect the US with the UK and Spain.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories July 14

Cloud Next is Google’s annual conference for enterprise partners and developers. Like other physical events this year, it’s now taking place virtually over nine weeks. The first is on “Industry Insights,” and Google Cloud today announced Confidential Computing.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories June 17, 2019

In addition to medical advancements from the AI division, Google has a presence in health as a cloud provider. Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to work on “healthcare innovation” and migrate to the Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories March 8, 2019

Google Cloud Platform offering discounts to the Internet2 consortium of universities

Beyond Chromebooks for K-12, Google’s products can play a big role in higher education especially as computing moves to the cloud. The company today announced that it’s expanding a deal with the Internet2 consortium of 316 universities to offer Google Cloud Platform “special benefits.”

Google Cloud Platform Stories January 24, 2019

G Suite services like Gmail and Drive, only make up a part of Google Cloud’s offerings. As part of its enterprise push, Google offers various ML services and compute capabilities, with the entertainment industry an area of particular focus. Google Cloud and Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) today announced its work on OpenCue.

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Google Cloud Platform Stories September 20, 2018

Google Cloud launches Cloud Source Repositories beta for developers

When Google Code, Google’s free hosting for open source projects, began shutting down in 2015, the developer community was reasonably upset. Google seems to have taken some of that criticism to heart with the launch of the Cloud Source Repositories beta, while adding powerful new features for enterprise customers.

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