first look Stories July 26, 2017

After Motorola’s official announcement event of the upcoming Moto Z2 Force, we got to go hands-on with the new device. Sporting a smaller battery, shatterproof guarantee, and new Moto Mods accessories, let’s dive into our first look…

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first look Stories October 18, 2011

Engadget has posted a video of someone demoing off the Nexus Prime before its announced in roughly two hours. The video shows off the device and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) entirely, both of which are to be announced tonight.We’ll be covering the event, so just hang tight.

first look Stories August 11, 2011

Android Police and RootzWiki have both obtained exclusive shots of Google’s next version of Android, Android 4.0 dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. Interestingly, RootzWiki says there aren’t many changes, but a couple of UI — mainly everything’s Blue.

  • Blue Themed – Like our site (Change theme on bottom) 
  • Camera has built in panorama mode
  • Will launch with Google Shopper and NFC Enabled devices will be able to utilize those features
  • Gmail is all rethemed
  • Will be available for the Nexus S
More changes and images after the break.
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