images Stories June 7, 2016

You can now quickly rotate images in Google Photos with a keyboard shortcut

If you — like me — have enabled auto-upload to Google Photos on pretty much all of your devices, you’ve surely noticed that some photos just don’t arrive on the site with the correct orientation sometimes. The Google Photos editor — which also has filters, brightness control, etc. — is an easy fix for this (it only take a few clicks), but now Google has made rotating photos in the app even easier with a quick keyboard shortcut that you can use when viewing any photo…

images Stories March 28, 2016

Pinterest-like image saving and tagging feature added to Google Search on the web

Last year, Google added a Pinterest-like photo saving and tagging feature to Image search. It was first available on the mobile web for Android and iOS, but starting today Google is rolling out the feature to desktop search.

images Stories March 19, 2016


Update: It appears Google has shut down the eBay listing.

Earlier this year, we told you across several exclusive reports that second-generation Glass hardware was in development, namely a variant of the device reworked with the enterprise in mind. Now, a couple months after getting our first look at FCC images of the device and later an official Google patent, we now have our first look at a unit in the wild via a new eBay listing

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images Stories February 19, 2016


If you haven’t seen enough of the Galaxy S7 already, we’re here to fix that. In a new series of leaked renders (via @onleaks), we now have a look at every variant of both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge from several different angles. Another new image also recently surfaced showing — for the first time — the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge next to each other…

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images Stories February 16, 2016

glass enterprise edition

Earlier this year, we told you across several exclusive reports that new Glass hardware was in development, namely a variant of the device reworked with the enterprise in mind. Now, a couple months after getting our first look at the device in the flesh, a newly-granted Google patent provides us yet another look at the elusive remnant of a less than ideal Glass of the past…

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images Stories January 14, 2016

Galaxy S7 concept render

samsung galaxy s7

Case manufacturers are already making cases for the Galaxy S7 (and its design doesn’t look much different than the Galaxy S6), but that’s not stopping Curved from posting the Galaxy S7 of its dreams. Curved’s designs are always pretty, but as is the case with this one, they’re not always the most logical. As you can see, this design puts the USB Type-C port on the top of the device, a microSD slot on the bottom, and another edged screen along the bottom of its face…

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images Stories November 7, 2015

LenX app

<a href="">LenX app</a> using older camera API

While taking pictures with third-party camera apps on the Nexus 5X, some users may notice that both the preview displayed by the phone and the image captured are upside down. While this error could easily be attributed with initial Marshmallow incompatibility on the part of the app developer, both software and hardware are to blame…

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images Stories September 16, 2015

An interesting project has emerged this week that uses Google Maps to plot historic data from the New York Public Library’s digital collection of photographs taken by Percy Loomis Sperr between 1931 and 1942 and various other photographers between 1870 and 1970. The photos all depict New York City’s various streets and buildings and the OldNYC project aims to integrate those images into Google Maps (via LaughingSquid).

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images Stories September 8, 2015

Of the Nexus announcements scheduled for later this month, the rumored LG Nexus 5 is definitely the one we know more about. A month ago the first full renders leaked, and just a few weeks ago, a photo of the device in the flesh managed to leak out as well. At least a couple publications have confirmed that this physical build is indeed the new Nexus, and we’ve even seen independent reports confirming its specifications as well.

But it’s not over yet, as Android Pit has now come out with images it claims are the new device, and they’re definitely the best look we’ve had yet… expand full story

images Stories August 21, 2015

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact shows up in leaked promo image

A fresh, official-looking, image of the upcoming Xperia Z5 Compact has shown up in a new leaked promotional photo courtesy of Dutch tech blog, TechTastic. There’s nothing entirely remarkable about the image itself, but the very fact the device is showing up in promotional images prior to launch is a good indication that Sony is preparing its marketing ready for its arrival.

images Stories July 24, 2015


It seems like Motorola might be the new lead contender for worst-secret-keeper-ever. As I said earlier this week, we’ve seen renders, more renders, real photos, more real photos, and even more real photos of the 2015 Moto G leak over the last couple of months. And now, thanks to some new almost-certainly-legit photos (via LaptopMedia), we have what is now our best look yet at the new Moto G…

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images Stories July 22, 2015

Update: We now have a really attractive new render showing the device in white and gold, too…

Motorola has not had any success keeping its handsets a secret this year. We’ve seen half a dozen leaks of the company’s upcoming 2015 Moto G, and now — thanks to Android Peru on Facebook — we have yet another look at a device that purports to be the company’s upcoming Moto X. Previous leaks have been very sketchy, but these appear to be as legit as it gets. In fact, we had our hands on a prototype Nexus 6 last year, and it had identifying barcodes and labels almost identical to the ones seen in these pictures… expand full story

images Stories July 9, 2015

Google Hangouts now lets you drag and drop images on the web

Google Hangouts on the web now lets users drag and drop images directly from their computer or web browser. That goes for the little chat window within your Gmail inbox and through the standalone Hangouts Chrome app. Googler Mayur Kamat shared the news and the image above demonstrating the new feature through a post on Google+ today.

images Stories June 2, 2015

In addition to updating its iOS app, Imgur this morning has also unveiled an entirely new version of its Android app. Imgur says that this is its first ever fully native app for Android users and was built completely from scratch. The app features a redesigned card-based gallery that offers large and easily viewable images. Users can navigate throughout the interface by swiping left or right to view more content.

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images Stories May 6, 2015


According to a recent report from Architects Journal, Google is looking to use a robot-crane hybrids to assist in building its new Mountain View headquarters. The report includes several mock-ups of the machines, which will be used to lift and shift the “pre-fabricated” components inside the structure.

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images Stories April 27, 2015

18 - NTcPJTP Settings pull-down before and after


We’ve managed to get our hands on some images of Android Wear 5.1.1 running on the yet-to-be released LG Watch Urbane, and you can find them in gallery below… expand full story

images Stories March 26, 2015

A new set of photos published on XDA Developers claim to show LG’s upcoming G4 Note flagship smartphone. The images show a device with design similar to that of the G Flex 2, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, but with a stylus.

It’s unclear if the device shown in these leaked images has an all metal body like reports have claimed the LG flagship will offer. One notable quality of the design, however, is that a stylus for the device appears to be located at the top left of the phone. This lends credit to the possibility that these images are of the G4 Note, not the standard G4. The G4 Note is said to be a higher-end device than the G4, similar to what Samsung offers with its Galaxy Note phablet line-up. Some, however, have suggested that what appears to be the stylus is actually just an antenna.

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images Stories July 11, 2014

Adobe updates Photoshop Express for Android with blemish removal tool, RAW importing, more

Adobe has actively been rolling out new and powerful tools for mobile platforms in recent months including Lightroom Mobile for iPad followed later by Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and Photoshop Mix as well as Adobe Voice for creating storytelling from iPad. Adobe says Lightroom for Android will follow eventually.

Even with all of those new products, Adobe is continuing to add features to its existing mobile apps with the release of Adobe Photoshop Express 2.3.273 today. The updated version of Photoshop Express for Android specifically brings four new features: a new blemish removal tool, the ability to increase or decrease filter strength, a new defog tool to remove haziness, and the ability to import photos in the RAW format.

As always, the Android version of Adobe Photoshop Express is available as a free download from the Play Store, and the update is out now.

images Stories May 21, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.39.12 AM

According to a PhoneArena tipster, LG has just announced the specifications for its widely leaked G3 flagship set to be officially unveiled on May 27th. Apparently LG held a (not so) secret briefing at a Korean retailer to get everything in order before the big unveiling.

If all of these specs and features make it to every market’s G3, we can definitely expect a monster-status flagship from LG this year. Unfortunately, with all of the leaks surrounding this device, there’s really nothing new here.

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images Stories May 14, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.27.56 AM

LG’s unveiling of the G3 is right around the corner, but lately we’ve seen quit a bit of action surrounding this unannounced flagship device. Recently, LG released an official teaser video for the G3, but today we get something that’s a bit more revealing. Full gallery below.

Thanks to a PhoneArena tipster, the world gets a clear look at LG’s upcoming smartphone. In these leaked press shots, the rumored 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 resolution display is front and center with slim side bezels and light LG branding along the bottom bezel. The device appears to be shown in three different brushed metal colors including gold, silver, and black. Let’s just hope this really is brushed metal and not plastic that’s designed to look fancy.

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images Stories February 19, 2014


Following weeks of rumors regarding the next-generation flagship smartphone from HTC, today images of the device have leaked via reliable leakster @evleaks. The image above shows off what appears to be an evolution of the previous HTC One design with camera and flash components that line up with earlier leaks of the device. Up until now most leaks of the device have been referring to its “M8” codename. However, the tweet from evleaks seems to indicate that the device will be branded the new “HTC One 2014” edition. It also looks like at least some partners will be getting a gold version of the device.

Yesterday, HTC sent out invites for an event being held on March 25. Rumor has it the company could skip any unveilings at Mobile World Congress later this month and hold out for its own event at the end of next month.

So far rumors for the device include a 5″ 1080p display, Android 4.4 KitKat, 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and Sense 6.0. Evleaks shared another image of the device showing off a protective case and the latest Sense homescreen (below): expand full story

images Stories November 12, 2013

Moto-GThere has been much talk of Motorola’s upcoming Moto G smartphone in recent weeks, the rumored “mini” follow up to its Moto X flagship launched earlier this year. After making a brief appearance on Motorola’s website, the company started teasing a November 13th live online announcement for the device, and now we get what look to be official specs from a German retailer already listing the Moto G. 

The Phone House, a german retailer, today quickly posted and then removed a listing for the Moto G that was caught by The Unwired. On top of listing what we assume are official specs (below), it also quoted a price of £149 (approximately $235 US). That seems a little pricey to be the on-contract price for what many assume will be a budget version of the Moto X, so it could very well be the off-contract price, which compares to the $499 Motorola and carriers charge for the Moto X without a two-year contract. The Moto X currently sells for $99 on contract.

Head below for the full list of Moto G specs:

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images Stories September 21, 2013

Update: Two more shots after the break.

The images above might be our first look at redesigned stock apps in Google’s upcoming Android 4.4 “KitKat” update. We’ve been reporting on a lot of Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 leaks since we first discovered an unannounced Nexus device in Google’s promotional video for the upcoming OS update. While images of the Nexus 5 have leaked several times– we posted exclusive photos and video of the device earlier this week— we have yet to get a good look at Android 4.4 KitKat. Today another reader reached out with the photos above claiming to show redesigns of the phone dialer and messaging apps on KitKat.

The images show new lighter color, grey icons on the status bar, which lines up with our leaked video of the Nexus 5 and a screenshot for a Google Keyboard update spotted by AndroidPolice yesterday.

The images also appear to show a colored status bar that changes depending on the color scheme of the app.

We can’t see any new functionality, but the shots do show extremely streamlined redesigns for the phone app and messaging app on Android 4.4. Controls in the messaging app get bumped up to the top right hand corner, and the phone dialer gets a much cleaner, and flatter look with a new light blue color scheme. expand full story

images Stories August 19, 2013

Sketchy photos claim to show LG-made Nexus 5 prototype

With conflicting reports related to which company will be producing Google’s next-generation Nexus smartphone, today TechTastic (via Nowhereelse) posted the images above showing what they claim is the upcoming Nexus 5. There are two rumors floating around when it comes to the Nexus 5: one claims that Google’s Motorola will build the phone, and another claiming Nexus 4-maker LG will reprise its role. The images above don’t exactly follow the look of the glass Nexus 4, but it would line up with rumors that the Nexus 5 will be based on LG recently announced G2. It’s also worth noting that this is apparently a prototype, which might explain the less than polished exterior in the images. It doesn’t exactly seem to be sporting the “thinner design” compared to the G2 that we’ve been hearing about.

The Nexus 5 is rumored to have similar specs to the 5.2-inch display and Snapdragon 800 processor found on the LG G2, but previous reports said it will receive a downgraded Snapdragon 600 CPU and 10 megapixel camera.

images Stories April 8, 2013

Rumors of an upcoming messaging service from Google dubbed “Babel” have been steadily popping up in recent months. We first heard back in March that the service would unify Google’s chat services such as Google Talk, Chat for Drive, Google+ Hangouts, etc, and since got a look at two different sets of screenshots showing variations of what tipsters both alleged were an Android app for the rumored service.

After a small hint at Gmail integration for Babel this morning, we now get yet another set of photos, this time reportedly showing what the service will look like inside of Gmail. TechRadar posted the images above that apparently come from an anonymous Google employee currently testing Babel.

From the screenshots we see a slightly tweaked text layout, new emoticons and the expected Google+ integration, but not much else.  expand full story

images Stories December 18, 2012

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about Sony’s unannounced “Yuga C6603” smartphone, and today Russian site posted images of the 5-inch, Android 4.1.2 powered device. According to the report, which also includes a number of benchmark tests, the Sony Yuga’s packs in a full HD (1,920 x 1,080) 5-inch display with 440 ppi and Sony’s Mobile Bravia Engine. The display also features on-screen buttons running along the bottom. Other specs include 2GBs of RAM, LTE, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, Adreno 320 graphics, USB Host support, and micro HDMI and microSD for support up to 128GB. This could definitely be an interesting flagship device for Sony in 2013. It’s also sporting a 12 megapixel camera according to the site.

Head over to Mobile-review for more images and benchmarks. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for the device early next month at CES.  expand full story

images Stories September 26, 2011

We got our first look at Motorola’s upcoming Xoom 2 tablet a few days back, but now have a few quite clear shots (via Engadget) that will give you a better view of the smaller 8.2-inch, 9mm thick, LTE Android tablet, and the larger variant sporting similar specs.

While the specs aren’t exactly confirmed, the report speculates from the images that both devices are approximately the same thickness of the 9.3mm iPhone 4, and the rear facing buttons appear to be a volume rocker and power button. The tipster who provided the images also apparently confirmed LTE capability for both models and 5-megapixel HD rear cameras.

Not too long about we told you about a similar looking mystery Motorola tablet being spotted in the wild by This is my next who claimed to see micro USB and micro HDMI ports.

We’ll of course keep you updated as we learn more. More images after the break. expand full story

images Stories August 31, 2011

Looks like Mozilla has taken a cue from Android for their latest work in progress Firefox for Tablets web browser. A blog post accompanied by some shots of the app explains how the company is “working tirelessly to make Firefox awesome on tablets” and also sheds light on how the app takes inspiration from “Honeycomb’s minimalist design language”.

On most fronts Firefox for tablets appears to be much the same as their mobile app for iPhone, but with some obvious enhancements to take advantage of the larger screen. Landscape mode gets a left sidebar for thumbnail tabs, allowing you to swipe through “tabs with your left thumb, and scroll through web content with your right”.

Portrait view puts tabs in a drop down menu tucked way in the toolbar, like many of the other elements which allows for an “unrestricted browsing” experience. This will definitely be a competitor for the many third-party browsers making their way to iOS. More shots of the app’s Awesomebar and tabbed browsing in action after the break. expand full story

images Stories August 23, 2011

There are less than a ton of details surrounding this latest round of images, which, according to BGR, show AT&T’s Samsung Impulse 4G. Apparently this will be the carriers first LTE smartphone, and it also appears to be a lower-end, entry-level model, although we have no details on potential specs, pricing, or release date. Either way, this could very well be your first look at AT&T’s forthcoming 4G-enabled smartphone. We’re not sure if the Impulse’s specs perhaps popped up in that huge leak of Samsung devices we told you about last week. The image below shows a case that will give you an idea of the Impulse’s backside. expand full story

images Stories August 19, 2011

It’s official, we’re running out of names for mobile devices…We told you back in July that HTC was planning on dropping a shiny new tablet dubbed “Puccini” in report accompanied by what we believed to be a couple high quality images (viaBGR) of the device. Now, a new report from BGR claims AT&T and HTC are preparing to launch the 10.1-inch Honeycomb-powered tablet as the “HTC Jetstream”.

Some of the rumoured specs for the Jetstream include an eight-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, microphone and stereo speakers, 1.5GHz processor, and a reported 4G LTE modem.  Oh, and a stylus…which is definitely one feature its competition lacks…

HTC’s Winston Yung pretty much confirmed the device was slated for a late third or early fourth quarter release, which translates to September or October. However, that timeframe seems a little unrealistic to us if the Jetstream is in fact a 4G LTE device and still expected to run on AT&T. This is considering AT&T’s 4G LTE network is just being rolled out this summer with plans to roll out to just 15 markets by the end of the year, as pointed out by BGR. This makes it highly unlikely that their 4G network will be ready to support the launch of a new tablet by October. Either way, we’re hoping to get a better look at the Jetstream at HTC’s “see what’s next” event in September.  expand full story

images Stories August 17, 2011


To go along with their new expanded sitelinks, Google is testing infinite scrolling in Google Search. This new feature will allow you to view all of your search results on one page, but you do have to click a “more results” button. Google has already announced this feature in Images, so there is a chance this could stick around in Search. Google told Search Engine Land, “Google is constantly experimenting with new features.” (Waebo via The Next Web)

We showed you images of that extremely thick battery attached to the back of what we believed to be Motorola’s Droid Bionic. Now, new leaked images (via Engadget) show a mystery device known only as the “Droid HD”… which is seemingly a thinner, but beefed up version of the Bionic. However, we can’t help but feel the Droid HD looks like a polished, finished version of the Bionic (possibly as a pro model). There is a possibility it’s just a revised design and renaming of the Bionic, considering we find it hard to believe the device will be released publicly with that unnecessarily chunky design.

From the images, the apparently detachable battery appears to cover more surface area but is, luckily, much thinner than those leaked Bionic shots (the image above shows the Droid HD next to what we believe is the Droid Bionic). Some of the notable features discovered from the images include an 8mp rear-facing 1080p camera, front-facing camera, microUSB, HDMI, SIM & microSD on the left, and volume rocker on the right. Of course most are expecting the 4.5-inch display to sport HD resolution given the device’s “HD” moniker. expand full story

images Stories August 11, 2011

Android Police and RootzWiki have both obtained exclusive shots of Google’s next version of Android, Android 4.0 dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. Interestingly, RootzWiki says there aren’t many changes, but a couple of UI — mainly everything’s Blue.

  • Blue Themed – Like our site (Change theme on bottom) 
  • Camera has built in panorama mode
  • Will launch with Google Shopper and NFC Enabled devices will be able to utilize those features
  • Gmail is all rethemed
  • Will be available for the Nexus S
More changes and images after the break.

images Stories June 13, 2011

Google is leveraging Chrome’s extensive support for the latest HTML5 spec to roll out interesting new features that are available first on their own browser first, like dropping file attachments directly onto the Gmail compose window. The latest version of Chrome has enabled another nice perk, the ability to paste images from your system clipboard into the Gmail compose window.

Just copy an image from your favorite image editing program, a web page, another email message or any other source and paste it right into your Gmail message using the standard CTRL + V shortcut (Command + V on Macs). You’ll need to wait a while until the image uploads, depending on your screen resolution. Daniel Cheng, a Google software engineer wrote in a blog post that the new feature is especially handy for passing screenshots…

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