Fitbit Ionic Stories August 28, 2017

After Fitbit purchased Pebble last year, many anxious fans awaited the company’s next fitness-focused device that would ideally incorporate the features loved by the Pebble community. That day has come as Fitbit this morning unveiled the Ionic. While it may not be a Pebble replacement, it is the company’s first real smartwatch.

If you were to buy a smartwatch right now, would you purchase a Fitbit Ionic over an Android Wear device?

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Earlier this month, full device renders for Fitbit’s first-ever smartwatch popped up online to give us a pretty clear look at what to expect from the wearable. Now that the official announcement has been made for Fitbit’s first smartwatch — the Ionic — the company is promising to deliver a wearable that offers powerful fitness-tracking and smartwatch features in one single package.

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