Gameloft Stories July 23, 2014


After a quick bout with software pirates, Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout is officially available to download from Google Play. Priced at $7, unlike most mobile games, the military style first person shooter is completely free of in-app purchases. In the vein of series like Call of Duty and Battlefield, MC5 lets you play as four customizable character classes (Assault, Heavy, Recon, or Sniper) that can be leveled up across single and multiplayer gameplay.

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Gameloft Stories April 17, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game swings onto Google Play


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — the game, not the movie itself, which is due to be in theaters on May 2nd in the US — is available right now for Android. The game is priced at $4.99, and follows the same story as the movie (so you might get a sneak peek at some storyline). Developed by Gameloft, this movie-based title may not live up to the hype surrounding the movie. Regardless of how the graphics look, the gameplay seems solid, so this Spider-Man game may well make for a nice way to kill fifteen minutes here and there.

Gameloft Stories June 6, 2013

Gameloft releases first trailer for upcoming Modern Combat 5 title [Video]

With each instalment of the popular FPS Modern Combat series on iOS and Android, Gameloft seems to be getting a little closer to matching the quality of gameplay we expect from the top of the line console games in the genre such as Call of Duty.  While it’s no secret the Modern Combat series has borrowed a lot from COD (as have many other FPS games), the latest trailer for the upcoming Modern Combat 5 title looks to be the closet thing to an immersive, action-packed COD-like shooter that we’ll have on mobile devices. Note: On top of the gameplay, the logo towards the end of the video (including the animations) is little too close to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series for my liking. Gameloft has been accused several times of knocking off games from big developers in the console world, most notably with its Gangstar (aka GTA clone) and NOVA (aka HALO clone) series.

We don’t learn a whole lot from the trailer itself, but it does appear much of the action will be taking place in Venice, Italy this time around. Despite the shameless similarities to other big franchises, those excited for the upcoming Modern Combat 5 will seemingly have to wait until E3 to hear more about when and for how much it will be coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

Gameloft Stories November 25, 2011

It’s the deal day today in the United States. To our non-U.S. audience, Black Friday (which follows Thanksgiving Day, a legal U.S. holiday observed on the fourth Thursday of November) officially marks the beginning of the holiday season (Black Friday through New Years). Unless you’re a U.S. resident, many if not all Black Friday deals don’t apply unless you’re shopping for intangibles.

Enter Gameloft’s Black Friday weekend sale of games for Android. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to load your Android device with high-quality games, make sure to follow @GameloftAndroid on Twitter. Beginning Friday and through Cyber Monday, Gameloft will be tweeting links to download paid games free of charge. Each link will be valid for two hours so you’ll need to remember to check their channel on a regular basis.

Gameloft also has a temporary sale of high-end games such as Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, The Oregon TrailReal Soccer 2011 and more. These titles have been slashed to just 99 cents and a are ready to be downloaded here.

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Gameloft Stories July 5, 2011

Who says Android can’t do quality games? That was true in the early days but today many high-end smartphones match, and some exceed, the graphical prowess of Apple’s iPhone 4. Look no further than Gameloft’s BackStab HD, a premium hack’n’slash action game that puts you in the shoes of Henry Blake, “a man whose life was stripped away and help in his quest for revenge”. Due to complex graphics and the inclusion of four big cities scattered around an 18th century Caribbean island, this Assassin’s Creed lookalike works only on supported Android smartphones listed on the game’s Android Market page:

HTC’s Desire HD (Ace), Desire S, Desire Z (G2, Vision), Evo Shift 4G, Incredible 2, Incredible S, Inspire 4G, MyTouch 4G, Thunderbolt 4G; LG’s P990 Optimus 2X (Star) and P999 (Star, G2x); Motorola’s Droid X; Samsung’s Nexus S, Nexus S 4G, GT-i9000 (Galaxy S, i9000M, i9000B, i9000T), SC-02B (Galaxy S), SCH-i400 (Continuum), SCH-i500 (Fascinate, Galaxy S), SCH-i500 (Fascinate, Galaxy S), SGH-T959 (Vibrant), SPH-D700 (Epic 4G) and Galaxy Tab models GT-P1000, SCH-i800, SGH-T849 and SPH-P100.

Check out nice in-game footage in the below clip.


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