OneDrive Stories February 21, 2020

OneDrive for Android gains a dedicated dark theme in latest beta update

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Android has now gained a dedicated dark theme in the latest beta update.

OneDrive Stories April 28, 2015


As it usually does, Samsung is giving away a bunch of free content to owners of its new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge and now it has revealed what exactly will be included this time around. expand full story

OneDrive Stories April 16, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.31.21 AM

You may recall last month that Microsoft announced a major partnership with Samsung to include a number of mobile apps on the flagship Galaxy S6 out-of-the-box. While bundled apps may be considered bloatware for many consumers, the deal meant Microsoft’s Android apps would gain a lot of exposure for adopters of arguably the best 2015 Android smartphone. The results of that deal may vary, though, as two major carriers have introduced roadblocks to some of Microsoft’s apps for their versions of the Galaxy S6… expand full story

OneDrive Stories October 29, 2014

OneDrive for Android updated with recycle bin and widgets

Microsoft recently rolled out an update for its OneDrive mobile app and the software maker managed to show its Android variant some love in the process. The latest version of the company’s cloud storage software ships with support for the recycle bin, so users can now restore deleted files from the comfort of their compatible smartphone or tablet.

OneDrive Stories October 27, 2014


Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft on Monday announced that it will be eliminating its top-tier cloud storage plan and offering unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 subscribers at no additional cost. The change will begin rolling out today for Office 365 Home, Personal and University customers and will continue over the coming months. expand full story

OneDrive Stories September 29, 2014



Microsoft updated OneDrive for Android today with some new features that change the way users view photos saved to the company’s cloud storage service. Bringing the app up to speed with its counterparts, the software maker added All Photos View to its mobile application, along with some new search features that make it easier for business customers to locate specific files.

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OneDrive Stories August 28, 2014



Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage mobile app received an update today across multiple platforms. The Android flavor of the new software push mixes work with play, giving users access to their personal and business files at the same time without having to switch accounts.

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OneDrive Stories August 6, 2014



Microsoft announced today that its cloud-based OneDrive storage application is now available for the Kindle Fire and Fire Phone via the Amazon Appstore. Similar to Google Drive, Microsoft’s online storage solution lets users share photos, videos, documents and other items with other people directly from their smartphone or tablet.

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OneDrive Stories June 23, 2014



Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 3.46.58 PM

Microsoft is making notable improvements to its storage offerings for its OneDrive cloud-based service. The company is announcing today that OneDrive storage at the free tier will be more than doubled, Office 365 storage will see a major increase, and that there will be storage price drops across the board. Here are the three main announcements in more detail:

  • Currently, OneDrive’s free tier includes 7GB of storage. This storage is accessible via the OneDrive apps on iOS, Android, Windows, and on the web, and much like Dropbox and the upcoming iCloud Drive, it can store files of all kinds. Now, this 7GB is moving to 15GB. Microsoft says it is making the switch to 15GB now that people store more files in the cloud and now that images and videos taken on smartphones consume much more space.
  • A bigger shift is occurring on the Office 365 storage side. That service is moving from 20GB of storage to 1TB of storage per user. This 1TB tier costs the same $6.99 per month for an individual user or $9.99 for a 5 person family plan (which still provides 1TB per family member). This move from 20GB to 1TB is a significant boost, but it’s unlikely that most people even have ~1000GB worth of Office files to store. Office 365 keeps Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in sync between the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and web Office apps.
  • For those customers who do not want an Office 365 subscription at the aforementioned prices, users can now tack on additional storage to a OneDrive account in increments of 100GB or 200GB. 100GB is $1.99/month and 200GB is $3.99/month. The change here is price decreases: 100GB used to cost $7.49 per month and 200GB previously was $11.49 each month.

These price changes automatically go into effect today for current users. The shift is notable because OneDrive’s free storage tier now matches Google’s 15GB Google Drive and other cloud services. OneDrive’s 100GB storage plan also now matches Google’s at $1.99 per month. Google also offers much larger storage plans than Microsoft, which can be seen below:

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OneDrive Stories May 6, 2014

OneDrive for Android updated with improved sharing and organization features

If you’re using your Android device to moonlight on Drive with Microsoft’s OneDrive, your infidelity just got a little easier. Today, the folks in Redmond released version 2.5 of its cloud storage app for Android. Users can now share files and folders via invite, link or by sending files to another app. If that’s not enough, you can select multiple files to download at the same time, while moving and sorting individual folders as needed. Head on over to Google Play to take this update for a spin and don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

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