Google’s new take on Docs and Sheets might be the first of many changes for the company’s Drive platform. The folks at Android Police managed to get their hands on a new, unreleased version of Drive and it appears to be missing editing functionality for sheets and documents. If you attempt to open a document while in Drive, it’ll display a view-only version of the item and will prompt you to install Google’s new standalone word processing app. We understand that this change might be frustrating for some users, but unbundling these apps lets people pick and choose the software that they want to use. It also gives Google a chance to focus on each app individually, which will hopefully result in a better user experience for each platform. Our fingers are crossed.

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4 Responses to “Google Drive to drop document editing in favor of standalone apps”

  1. Aww. Now I can’t use my BSD machine for GDocs. Ah well, we can hope for an Ubuntu/Other Linux release. Or can we?

  2. Already happened in iOS app: can’t edit on Drive app makes you download Docs.

    Really hate this. Yes it makes sense for devs but currently especially on education you use Drive as virtual backback. Currently Docs doesn’t have folders, makes sharing material from teachers to students much more messy. Now to share many docs it makes you flips back and forward between Drive and the new apps. That makes no sense and is way too complicated. They had a killer product with more funtionality than Dropbox etc. And now they cannibalize it this badly.

    Not impressed.

  3. kodywb says:

    If this goes through and I can’t create and edit documents in Chrome, I’m completely abandoning Google.

  4. m-p{3} says:

    Kinda make sense for those who only use a specific set of documents (ie: only works with Sheets, etc), without having the other stuff taking space on their device.