Orcs Must Die 3 Stories September 1, 2021

[U: Now on Stadia] Orcs Must Die 3’s next major update brings a new trap and game mode

One of the best Stadia exclusives ever, Orcs Must Die 3, is set to expand to PC and consoles soon, and with that, it’s also getting a major update. On July 23, the game will pick up a brand-new trap type and the “Scramble” game mode, too.

Orcs Must Die 3 Stories June 14, 2021

Orcs Must Die 3 ends Stadia exclusivity, launching on PC, consoles in July w/o crossplay

Google’s Stadia platform hasn’t had a huge number of exclusives to date, but nearly all of them have been timed exclusives. This past weekend, one of Stadia’s better exclusives, Orcs Must Die 3, ended its run and is expanding to PC players through Steam as well as console players.

Orcs Must Die 3 Stories January 14, 2021

Stadia’s exclusive Orcs Must Die 3 details the past few months of quiet patches

The beauty of cloud gaming platforms is that updates are silent. The publisher rolls out an update and it’s immediately available for every single player. On Stadia, the timed-exclusive Orcs Must Die 3 has been taking advantage of that by rolling out a handful of tweaks and updates over the past three months — here’s the full changelog.

Orcs Must Die 3 Stories September 7, 2020

Stadia’s Orcs Must Die 3 improves online matchmaking, weekly challenges in latest update

One of Google Stadia’s best exclusives right now is Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die 3. That game has picked up a couple of updates since its launch and, now, it’s getting another. Orcs Must Die 3 is picking up improved online matchmaking, better weekly challenges, and more.

Orcs Must Die 3 Stories August 15, 2020

Google Stadia has had a handful of exclusives since its 2019 launch, but none of them have been super compelling, especially with price barriers in the way. Last month, Orcs Must Die 3 arrived on the platform, and personally, I think it’s perhaps the best reason to sign up for an account. Plus, it had perfect timing now that Stadia is free.

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Orcs Must Die 3 Stories August 10, 2020

Stadia-exclusive Orcs Must Die 3 adds weekly challenges, update already live

Google Stadia’s most exciting exclusive to date, Orcs Must Die 3, is picking up its first major update on the platform. Available now for all users, Orcs Must Die 3 now includes weekly challenges.

Orcs Must Die 3 Stories July 14, 2020

Last year at GDC 2019, side-by-side with the announcement of Google Stadia, the company also unveiled its efforts to deliver fantastic games for the streaming service, through a new division of Google — Stadia Games and Entertainment. Now, nearly eight months into Stadia’s life, Stadia Games and Entertainment has delivered its first release in the form of Orcs Must Die! 3.

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Orcs Must Die 3 Stories August 19, 2019

Google Stadia is announcing its second set of new titles for the platform at Gamescom this week, and Orcs Must Die 3 has been revealed as one of the platform’s latest exclusives.

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