Phone Hub Stories July 6, 2021

As Chrome OS continues to explode in popularity, Google is updating the platform with more features and bug fixes. Now, the company appears to be looking at fixing an issue that causes dramatic battery drain on Android phones using the Phone Hub feature on Chrome OS.

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Phone Hub Stories February 3, 2021

For six months now, we’ve been patiently tracking progress on a new “Phone Hub” feature that is poised to make Chrome OS and Android devices “better together.” It seems patience is finally paying off, as the Chrome OS “Phone Hub” has begun to arrive for a very limited group of people.

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Phone Hub Stories October 21, 2020

For a few months now, we’ve been keeping an eye on a new feature for Chrome OS called “Phone Hub” which will deeply connect your Chromebook to your Android phone. Now we’re beginning to see the feature come to fruition on the Android side by way of an update to Google Play Services.

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Phone Hub Stories September 15, 2020

Earlier this year, we uncovered that Chromebooks were set to get deeper integration with Android through a new suite of “Phone Hub” features. Since then, the UI has appeared in Chrome OS Canary along with more details about how things like notification mirroring and “task continuation” will work.

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