Polk Audio Stories June 24, 2021

Google Home Essentials: Polk Magnifi 2 soundbar is a great Google TV companion and Cast target

Soundbars have become incredibly popular over the past several years because, while not at the same level as a proper home theater setup, they’ll still be a massive upgrade over what your TV puts out on its own. If you’re looking to improve what your TV offers or even upgrade your current soundbar, the Polk MagniFi 2 is a pretty solid choice.

Polk Audio Stories October 26, 2018

I love a good set of speakers, and I’ve had the pleasure over the past year to spend time with a couple of different products from Polk Audio. So far, I’ve not been disappointed even once, and lately, I’ve been testing out another one of the company’s soundbars, the MagniFi Max SR. Spoiler alert – It’s pretty awesome, and we’re even giving one away.

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Polk Audio Stories July 6, 2018

When you look at smart speakers, the primary use for most users seem to be streaming music. There’s no shortage of options that deliver excellent sound quality, but some of them are big, bulky, and expensive. Polk Audio is a renowned audio brand, and the company has recently debuted its first Assistant speaker, and it delivers a whole lot for its small size and affordable price…

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Polk Audio Stories May 14, 2018

There are about a million different soundbars on the market today, but most share one thing in common – they don’t hide their presence all that much. To fit most soundbars, you need to adjust something or take up valuable space on the TV stand to fit it. Polk Audio sets out to fix that with its MagniFi Mini system, and it actually ends up creating something more flexible than most would expect.

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Polk Audio Stories May 11, 2018

The selection of Google Assistant speakers has grown massively over the past year, with a speaker available for any setup. Now, Polk Audio is jumping into the ring with its new Polk Assist speaker…

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Polk Audio Stories September 8, 2015

Rdio adds support for Google Cast for audio, more connected speaker systems & smart TVs

Popular music streaming service Rdio is today announcing an expansion of its support for connected speaker systems and smart TVs, including Google’s new Google Cast for Audio platform introduced earlier this year. 

In addition to supporting speakers that integrate Google’s Cast for audio platform, the music service is now available on Harman/Kardon, Denon, and the DTS Play-Fi Whole-Home Wireless ecosystem featuring leading brands such as Definitive Technology, Phorus, Polk Audio and Wren. The company also noted that it’s now available on Samsung smart TVs and arriving soon on smart TVs from LG and Hisense.

Previously Rdio was only available on Sonos speakers and setup boxes like the Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

Rdio is available free with ads or as an ad-free service for $9.99/month unlimited or on certain devices for $3.99/month with a limited number of on demand songs per day.

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