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Google Home Essentials

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January 2019 - June 2021

Looking to add to your Google-controlled smart home? Stop right here, you’ve hit the gold mine. In 9to5Google’s Google Home Essentials series you’ll find the latest in gear compatible with Google Assistant from speakers to vacuums and so much more.

What is a Google Home Essential?

Google Assistant supports a wide variety of products from lights to cameras and more. In this series, we take a hands-on look at products that support the Assistant and see how they’re useful to a consumer, how they work and how they’re installed, and most importantly how reliable the product is with Google Assistant and how it plays with the Google Home app.

A “Google Home Essential” can be any product that integrates with Assistant. For example, we’ve covered numerous security cameras from TP-Link, Wyze, and Arlo as well as products that might not immediately come to mind, like a garage door opener or a ceiling fan. If we’ve covered it here, consider it a stamp of approval that the product works well with Assistant.

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Google Home Essentials Stories Yesterday

Google Assistant is capable of controlling literally hundreds of different kinds of devices, but some can get fairly expensive. Smart curtains and blinds, for example, can cost hundreds of dollars and require new hardware to install. SwitchBot, though, has a clever solution to Google Assistant-controlled curtains that’s at least relatively affordable.

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Google Home Essentials Stories May 14

Security cameras around your home are a no-brainer way to feel a bit safer, but having them indoors is something that some users may not feel comfortable with. As has been a trend on webcams in recent years, Arlo is solving that privacy concern by putting a physical cover over its $99 Nest Cam competitor, the Arlo Essential Indoor.

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Google Home Essentials Stories May 1

If you’ve already bought into the Google Home ecosystem, it’s easy to think that Google’s own Nest thermostats are the only way to go. However, Ecobee’s line of smart thermostats offer full integration with the Google Assistant, but how do they stack up against Nest?

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Google Home Essentials Stories April 27

Google Assistant is available on devices of all shapes and sizes, but the vast majority of useful smart speakers that support it are designed to be used in one place, indoors. I’ve been wanting a solution to bring Assistant and, in turn, Chromecast audio around my home wire-free. As it turns out, the Sonos Roam is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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Google Home Essentials Stories April 7

Home security cameras are great for monitoring your property, but when you go outdoors, a lack of electrical hookups can make it difficult to get a camera right where you want it. For the past several months, I’ve been using the Wyze Cam Outdoor system to solve that problem, and thanks to recent improvements, the Google Assistant integration has finally reached the point where it’s a useful part of my Google Home ecosystem.

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Google Home Essentials Stories March 22

I love keeping a close eye on my home throughout the day with a series of security cameras around my property, with Google’s Nest at the core. The simple fact is, though, that Google’s system just doesn’t fit into every niche and ignores problems such as cost and local storage. That’s where TP-Link Kasa has come in, offering excellent and flexible hardware with an affordable cost and some of the best Google Assistant integration currently available.

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