Google Home Essentials Stories December 1, 2019

There is more to your home than meets the eye. Some of your regular old appliances and non-smart technology can tap into the power of the Google Assistant and we have the perfect gifts to turn friends, relatives, or your own home into a certified Google smart home.

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Google Home Essentials Stories November 4, 2019

Losing stuff isn’t an experience we forget that easily, which is why there is a wealth of Bluetooth trackers available — the most notable being from Tile.

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Google Home Essentials Stories June 26, 2019

The wealth of smart home hardware and extras continues to grow at a rapid pace, and one of the first forays into smart home tech was no doubt the introduction of automated vacuums. The Roomba is arguably the iconic robotic vacuum cleaner, more-or-less creating the automated home cleaning market. Although selling well and effectively inventing the market, the Roomba didn’t really do all too well when compared to good old fashioned elbow grease.

At this point in 2019 though, there is a new industry leader — Eufy — that has taken that baton and ran with it thanks to their popular but affordable RoboVac line. And it works with Assistant.

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Google Home Essentials Stories June 18, 2019

Smart plugs and power strips are now increasingly common but there are very few that offer the ability to power an entire home entertainment system, office, or even bedroom from one outlet — enter the meross Smart Power strip — a true Google Home Essential.

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Google Home Essentials Stories June 12, 2019

Getting affordable CCTV or security cameras installed is now easier than ever thanks to the Google Home and Google Assistant ecosystem, and the TP-Link Kasa Spot indoor security camera is arguably one of the best affordable options on the market right now. expand full story

Google Home Essentials Stories April 2, 2019

The Google Assistant is arguably the most powerful and the outright best digital assistant on the market — of course, we would say that! As part of our Google Home Essentials series, our express aim is to help you find an array of must-have kit for your Google-powered smart home. expand full story

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