Samsung Galaxy Store Stories April 7

Some Samsung apps can’t be updated through the Play Store: Here’s how to do it

Samsung’s Galaxy phones are undoubtedly winners. In fact, they make up the majority of Android phones in use. But even though they run Android, there are a few apps that can’t be updated through the Google Play Store. Follow along to learn how to update certain Samsung apps.

Samsung Galaxy Store Stories December 28, 2021

Samsung’s Galaxy Store caught housing some sketchy ‘Showbox’ apps that trigger Google’s safeguards

While the Google Play Store is a core part of Samsung’s smartphone lineup, the company has offered its own Galaxy Store for the past few years, with most folks aware of its existence thanks to it being one of the only app stores housing Epic’s Fortnite. However, the Galaxy Store has just been caught red-handed distributing apps masquerading as “Showbox” that may be able to infect your phone with malware.

Samsung Galaxy Store Stories October 30, 2020

The Google Play Store is where most Android users get their apps and games, but every Samsung phone comes preloaded with the Galaxy Store. Now, that store is getting another redesign that focuses heavily on gaming.

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Samsung Galaxy Store Stories December 16, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Store gets official dark mode and One UI redesign

As an alternative to the Google Play Store, Samsung runs its own Galaxy Store on its devices as a marketplace for apps, games, and theming elements. Now, Samsung is giving the Galaxy Store a makeover with One UI and support for a dark mode theme.

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