Sony Xperia XZ Stories November 27, 2017

Android Oreo is now available for the Sony Xperia XZ, XZs, X Performance

Sony was the first Android OEM to launch a smartphone with Oreo out of the box, and now it’s backing that up by updating some of its older devices to the latest version of Android. Now, that includes the Xperia XZ and XZs.

Sony Xperia XZ Stories December 3, 2016


There’s been a trend going on this year with Sony, and it’s not a good one. With the new Xperia X line, the company is releasing some solid pieces of hardware which we love, but they’re pretty expensive, even by flagship standards…

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Sony Xperia XZ Stories December 1, 2016

Sony Xperia XZ, X Performance, Verizon LG G5 pick up Android Nougat

A little over 4 months after its release on Nexus devices, Android Nougat is finally starting to pick up steam after some pretty dismal distribution numbers during its first couple of months. Recently we’ve seen the likes of HTC updating unlocked devices, and LG updating international and local G5 units, Samsung pushing out betas, and even Huawei sub-brand Honor working to update devices to Google’s latest OS. Today, even more devices are picking up Android Nougat.

Sony Xperia XZ Stories September 25, 2016

Sony Xperia X Compact now available on Amazon, Xperia XZ up for pre-order

Sony announced two new devices at IFA this year, the Xperia X Compact and the Xperia XZ. While the latter of the two is only available for pre-order right now, the Xperia X Compact starts shipping in the US today. If you’re waiting for the XZ, you won’t have to wait long as it will begin shipping on October 2 for $700.

Sony Xperia XZ Stories September 22, 2016


We first got a look at Sony’s new Xperia X Compact and Xperia XZ back at IFA 2016, but when they were announced, we didn’t know what pricing would be or when the phones would launch in the US. Now, we know that they’re both going to be just as expensive as other phones that have hit the Xperia lineup in recent years, and that they’re coming to the US on September 25th and October 2nd, respectively…

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Sony Xperia XZ Stories September 1, 2016


Sony at IFA in Berlin, Germany, has today announced two new smartphones in its Xperia X family. The first is the Xperia XZ, a new 5.2-inch flagship that features a much-improved camera and look, and the second is the Xperia X Compact, a new 4.6-inch entry that compliments the rest of the Xperia X line providing an option for those looking for something a bit smaller…

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