Undersea fiber Stories June 9

Over the past few years, Google has built its own subsea cables in addition to partnering on joint efforts and leasing access. Google’s latest private cable project is “Firmina” to connect North and South America.

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Undersea fiber Stories February 3

Google in 2018 announced two private intercontinental undersea cables; becoming the first major non-telecom company to build its own after years of leasing or consortiums. The second, named Dunant, will feature record-breaking capacity by being the first cable to leverage space-division multiplexing (SDM) technology.

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Undersea fiber Stories July 28, 2020

In recent years, Google has been building private subsea cables in addition to leasing access and partnering on joint efforts. Google’s latest project is “Grace Hopper” and will connect the US with the UK and Spain.

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Undersea fiber Stories August 28, 2019

Report: US might block Google-backed LA-Hong Kong undersea cable over national security

Google has three approaches for expanding its global fiber network. Recently, the company has been building private intercontinental cables, but still buys capacity or joins consortiums where the cost is split. One Google-backed undersea cable between Los Angeles and Hong Kong could be blocked by the US under national security concerns.

Undersea fiber Stories June 28, 2019

Google Cloud last year became the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable. Its third project is named Equiano and connects western Europe to the west coast of Africa.

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Undersea fiber Stories May 29, 2019

Google’s INDIGO undersea cable connecting Southeast Asia now live

Over the past several years, Google Cloud has rapidly expanded its global infrastructure with new Cloud regions for enterprise customers and undersea fiber cables. The company announced today that the INDIGO undersea cable connecting Australia and Singapore is now live.

Undersea fiber Stories July 17, 2018

Google Cloud is rapidly expanding its infrastructure from new cloud regions to investing in three consortium subsea cables this year alone. The latest move involves building its first private trans-Atlantic cable to further expand its network.

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Undersea fiber Stories April 4, 2018

Google connecting Japan-Guam-Australia w/ latest undersea fiber cable investment

At the start of 2018, Google revealed that over the last three years it has spent $30 billion to improve its infrastructure. Including data center and undersea cables, this helps the performance of both consumer services and Cloud infrastructure for enterprise. Google announced today that it’s investing in the Japan-Guam-Australia (JGA) Cable System.

Undersea fiber Stories January 16, 2018

Google is building three new under-sea fiber-optic cables, adding to the eight that it already helped construct. The latest ones will connect areas as far apart as the Pacific and the North Sea, and will be used to speed up data transfers as well as provide alternative routings in case of failures elsewhere.

The company said that the new cables would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and take more than a year to install, and it would really prefer not to do it …

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Undersea fiber Stories September 6, 2016

Google extends transpacific FASTER fiber optic cable to its largest Asian data center, in Taiwan

It took Google and others two years to lay its FASTER high-speed fiber optic cable along the bottom of the Pacific ocean, connecting the U.S. to Japan, and it has today extended that cable to Taiwan.

Undersea fiber Stories June 29, 2016

Google-backed ‘FASTER’ 9,000km, 60Tbps transpacific fiber optics cable system is now ready to go

After nearly two years of construction, Google along with a consortium of telecom providers announced the completion of the FASTER broadband cable system that links Japan and the United States. The cable system is the fastest of its kind and stretches nearly 9,000 km across the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Undersea fiber Stories June 27, 2013


Google is one of the consortium members behind a new 28Tbps undersea fiber link connecting China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Brunei with Japan – where it connects to the existing transpacific fiber to the U.S. The total length of the link is 5,530 miles.

The six fiber pairs have a combined capacity equivalent to simultaneously streaming three million HD videos. That’s quite a lot of bandwidth.

While most of the investors are local telecoms companies – China Telecom, China Mobile, Hong Kong’s Donghwa Telecom, Globe in the Philippines, SingTel, and TOT in Thailand – Google has its own reasons for wanting the link …  expand full story

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