weather Stories July 6, 2016

Google Now weather card updated w/ hourly Wind and Precipitation graphs

This is one of those features that has had a slow and tedious rollout, but now it appears to be visible more widely. If you try searching for weather results with Google Now, you should now be seeing — if you weren’t already — a pair of new hourly Wind and Precipitation graphs…

weather Stories January 8, 2016



Update: Google has officially announced the refresh, as well as the ability to add and save multiple locations.

It seems Google is testing a new version of its weather cards in Google Now. Rather than seeing the usual, plain white Material-designed card that we’re used to seeing, some users are noticing a brand new richer design. The cards are colorful, and have far more functionality…

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weather Stories July 12, 2014



A new app has appeared in the official Glassware directory today, bringing you the ability to easily view the latest radar information on Google Glass. Whether you’re commuting to work or out for a bike ride, this app available to you in an instant gives you a quick glance at stormy weather in your vicinity.

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weather Stories June 28, 2013



Google-News-Sports-ScoresGoogle announced today on the official Google News blog that it’s rolling out new features for Google News users including an expanded 4-day weather section built into the right side of the homepage, more Editors’ Picks throughout various News sections, and sports scores:

For avid sports fans, a newly introduced “Sports Scores” section on the News homepage and the Sports page will give a snapshot of live, recently concluded and imminent sporting activity. From this summary, it’s easy to dive in further and do things like click on a score for details of the match or on a specific team to get recent news about it. The section is customizable; for example, if you prefer not to see hockey scores, you can turn hockey ‘off’ while keeping the other sports ‘on’. You can also remove the entire section if you prefer. At the outset, we’re launching in the US, with the big four sporting organizations covering basketball, football, baseball and hockey. Over time, this section will expand to other countries and sports. Stay tuned.

Google notes that the new weather section will automatically adjust to your current location and it is now including more Editors’ Picks sections across Technology and Business pages instead of just on the News homepage.  expand full story

weather Stories August 18, 2011



Google has just launched a nifty new weather layer for Google Maps that provides you with current weather conditions from around the globe generated by the U.S. Naval Research Lab. This will definitely save you the frustration of jumping from Maps to your current weather app of choice when planning your next excursion.

You can click the icon for any given city to get a four-day forecast and more detailed data including wind and humidity conditions. In the left-hand pane, you can select temperature(F/C) defaults, wind speed (km/h, mph, or m/s), and optionally “hide clouds”.

Click here to start using the new weather layer now. You can also enable the weather layer at any time from the menu in the upper right corner (image below). expand full story

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