Windows 10 S Stories May 3, 2017

Yesterday Microsoft introduced its answer to Google’s Chrome OSWindows 10 S. The stripped-down version of Microsoft’s desktop OS comes with a handful of limitations, but the biggest ones revolve around the browser.

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Windows 10 S Stories May 2, 2017

Love it or hate it, Windows is an operating system that is widely used in almost every sector. Windows main issue, though, is that it requires a lot of horsepower to run smoothly. This meant that the full version of the OS wasn’t ideal for low-end laptops, a market currently dominated by Google’s Chrome OS. Now, that might be changing. Do you think that the introduction of Windows 10 S will take market share away from Chome OS in the budget category?

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Chrome OS has been dominating the education market for a while, mainly because of its low-cost and ease of use have been unparalleled in the space. Today, though, Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, its answer to Google’s education efforts. And Google needs to take note, because this one might have some power behind it.

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