xioami Stories January 15, 2021

The US government has blacklisted prominent Android manufacturer Xiaomi, along with other Chinese firms for alleged military links.

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xioami Stories October 25, 2018

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, might not be a household name in the United States, but they are definitely making waves in the smartphone market. That’s thanks to devices like the Pocophone F1 and now the — previously leaked — Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The device features an almost all-display design with a non-motorised sliding camera module that houses dual front-facing cameras. Meanwhile, the rear-facing cameras borrow that Apple look and feel. expand full story

xioami Stories January 20, 2016


We told you last week that a Xiaomi Mi 5 online listing revealed its high-end specs, and now it appears that one of the first photos of the device in the flesh—and in its white variant—has surfaced online (via TimesNews). The leaked phone looks exactly as we would expect, and sports a Mi logo on the top-left hand corner, a home button that looks a lot like that of a Samsung phone, and a nice glass and aluminum build that looks a lot like an iPhone… expand full story

xioami Stories January 14, 2015

Image via @DarthMowl

Image via <a href="https://twitter.com/DarthMowl/status/555617448138137600" target="_blank">@DarthMowl</a>

After teasing a super-thin new smartphone earlier this week, smartphone maker Xiaomi revealed its 2015 flagship model, the Note. Just to be clear, this is an entirely new device, and doesn’t seem to be related to the company’s existing “Redmi Note” smartphone. It’s also not related to Samsung’s similarly named devices, though it hardly seems unreasonable to think that Samsung’s execs aren’t exactly pleased with the name.

The 5.7-inch phone is positioned as an iPhone 6 Plus competitor. It features a 1080p display, a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization—a far cry from Apple’s 8 MP shooter—and a 4 MP front-facing camera.

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