November 3, 2016

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I’ve primarily been a reviewer of phones over the last few years, so when a product that isn’t a phone comes across my lap for review, I get excited. And the Google Home is something I’ve been anticipating for what feels like years. When the Amazon Echo first launched, my initial thought was that it would be a great idea to marry similar hardware with the — at the time — far greater intelligence of Google Voice Search. And now that day has come.

In terms of sheer intelligence for things like facts and local information, as well as general accuracy when trying to pick up your voice, I’ve long felt that Google’s voice assistant — even before it was officially called Assistant — had a leg up on the competition. Not that Alexa and Siri are bad (all three are reaching feature parity at this point, really), but Google’s Assistant — for me, at least — has always been a winner because I’m a heavy user of Google’s services, and they tie in directly with what used to be Google Now.

The strengths of Google Assistant shine even brighter with Home, and its potential is even more exciting. Rather than being constrained to your phone, Google Home puts Google Assistant — albeit in slightly different form — within talking distance from pretty much anywhere in your home. I hope you’re ready to get used to talking to your devices, because there’s not really any other way of interacting with this standalone speaker and voice assistant from Google…

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After originally being Google’s source for NFC payments, Google Wallet has given up that role to Android Pay and transitioned to be an alternative to PayPal. From mobile, this has been pretty easy with Google Wallet’s fantastic Android and iOS apps. Now the web app has caught up

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