Google just announced on its Official Google TV Blog the “big announcement” for tomorrow. The Google TV crew announced an all-new YouTube app for the Google TV platform. The app features a smoother experience and bug fixes. The big feature here, however, seems to be a new feature called “Discover” that lets users view YouTube channels by different categories (as seen above).

The YouTube app will also gain the new channels that the desktop version of YouTube has seen. From there, you can navigate through users’ videos, favorites, and subscriptions.

When viewing a video, you can use the up and down arrows on your Google TV’s remote to navigate to the information screen. On the information screen, you can interact with a video by giving it a thumb’s up, adding it to your favorites or playlist, and leaving a comment.

The update should roll out to every Google TV user in the next few days from the Android Market. Oh, and I have to say that I am disappointed. Google overhyped this announcement.

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2 Responses to “Google’s ‘big’ Google TV announcement is a new YouTube app”

  1. Ironzey says:

    Umm people really seem to get excited when Google says they have an announcement. I've ben suckered into the hype of "This is the greatest thing ever!!" a bunch of times.
    I don't think I've seen so much blind furor as I've seen with these tech sites.
    Calm down people. Whatever they announce all it will do is make you lazier.

  2. Level380 says:

    "I’m disappointed. Google just overhyped this."

    No your wrong, the media including sites like this one overhyped a passing comment made on a facebook page about a new announcement as major ground breaking earth shattering news event that would change the course of GoogleTV.

    Then the same people go on to complain that this 'big announcement' was only a totally new revamped youtube application are are disappointed.

    In context of the type of release style being that it was released on a 'facebook' page, the big announcement seems to be inline with what i would expected. Facebook pages try to enagage the 'user' to respond, cause when they respond it shows up in their streams which there friends who don't normall see the page also get to see it, which means they get brand awareness and eyeballs seeing the product. Its the same reason pages like asus etc keep asking questions for the 'fans' to answer. Its all about getting the user to respond to get the pageviews by the eyeballs and getting the brand out there. (google it for more details)

    Now if it was on the google blog, larry or Sergey google plus page, then I would be expecting a earth shattering event!