Google Drive was rumored to launch for sometime now and looks to be coming even closer. Geek Wire reportedly obtained a screenshot of Drive from one of its readers. As you can see, Google Drive looks very similar to Google Docs, which can also upload any type of file. Below, Geek Wire enlarged the Google Drive favicon, perhaps exposing the service’s logo.

Along with a web based interface, Google Drive is also rumored to have a desktop application very similar to Dropbox, where users can push files to the cloud for access anywhere. There will also be deep Google Drive integration available on Android, several reports said.

Last week, WSJ reported Google Drive would launch in the coming weeks or months. Google Drive will be available for free, but premium versions will also be available for those who want more space.

Google Drive was already referenced to in Google Docs code. Maybe Google Drive will also be integrated somehow into Google Docs at some point. Expect to see Google Drive in the coming weeks.


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5 Responses to “Google Drive logo and interface leaked in screenshot?”

  1. ABitNo says:

    But the logo is the same as VPlayer's !!!!….

  2. Krishiii says:

    Thanks for sharing about Collatebox, seems interesting for cloud storage, Its high time now, I think these alternatives will definitely take on Google drive. Must wait n watch.

  3. It's been very long since I am waiting for Gdrive, I guess all these news is to create hype around the flop product. I guess we must all look at some alternatives, What do you say?
    Tools like Dropbox and CollateBox can be good alternatives.

  4. Andrew says:

    This looks seriously fake. Anyone could mock this up in a minute. I don't buy it.

  5. Camilo says:

    No no no! It's Fake!

    I Already said about ine time! It just a HTML change in Google Docs!

    But my comment was deleted.

    Other photo!