The Chrome Web Store now offers a trending section for the hottest apps and improved methods for finding the perfect extension.

Today’s automatic update allows users to view apps and extensions ranging from “warm” or “on fire” in the new “Trending” view of the Chrome Web Store. App subcategories were also included, such as “Music & Radio” under “Entertainment.”

A screenshot gallery is available below.

“Searching for a particular app has also improved,” announced Product Manager Shannon Guymon on the official Google Chrome Blog. “Our search box now sports autocomplete suggestions that guide you to the app or extension you are looking for, faster.”

Users can find apps by their functionality through the Chrome Web Store’s new app badges atop of any app’s landing page and in the store itself. Just click on the badge to view similar apps with the same functionality. Two of the featured functions are “playable on Google+” and “offline.”

Google’s Chrome Web Store released in 2010 and allows users to install and run web applications unique to the Google Chrome browser. These latest features will help users navigate the growing app store, especially since the number of apps and extensions has grown to the tens of thousands.

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