Chrome Web Store Stories June 18

Google has removed over 70 add-ons from the Web Store for the Chrome web browser after reports of malicious activity.

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Chrome Web Store Stories April 30

Google imposes new restrictions on Chrome extensions to help prevent spam

Since the Chrome Web Store has become the sole source of Chrome extensions, as well as a begrudging secondary provider for Microsoft Edge extensions, safety and security is of the utmost importance. To that end, Google has announced a new set of restrictions on Chrome extensions that should help cut back on spam.

Chrome Web Store Stories March 12

Google today announced “two significant changes” to the Chrome Web Store for extension developers. There’s a new default dashboard and up-front registration fee likely aimed at combating spam.

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Chrome Web Store Stories December 17, 2019

In recent weeks, Adblock Plus creator Wladimir Palant detailed how four browser extensions from Avast and AVG “upload detailed browsing profiles of their users.” Google this evening removed three of those named add-ons from the Chrome Web Store.

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Chrome Web Store Stories August 28, 2019

[Update: Migration begins] G Suite add-ons moving from Chrome Web Store to G Suite Marketplace

Google’s G Suite offers a rich platform to build upon, allowing developers to create G Suite extensions for Docs and Sheets or apps powered by Drive. These extensions are currently available from the Chrome Web Store, but Google has decided to give them a new home in the G Suite Marketplace.

Chrome Web Store Stories September 5, 2018

Chrome 69 arrived yesterday, and with it vast redesigns of pretty much every part of the ubiquitous browser from Google. Other things that are closely related but not necessarily directly connected to Chrome, like the Chrome Web Store, have also been redesigned, though.

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