A new report from Millenial Media, one of the world’s largest online ad networks, shows that Android boosted its share of mobile web usage to 51 percent this year, but that iOS usage is growing at a faster rate.

Android’s usage grew five points since Q2 last year, while iOS usage grew eight points to reach 42 percent. In tablets, the iPad held its lead, while the Android share was convincingly led by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.


In the manufacturer league tables across all devices, Apple lead the way with 39 percent share, with Samsung taking second place at 26 percent.

brandsVia Fortune

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5 Responses to “Android hits 51 percent of mobile web use, while iOS grows faster”

  1. yuniverse7 says:

    Pavelec, “rotten” company? Open your biased eyes, then you shall see “rotten” in Samsung, Google, Microsoft, etc. They’re all “rotten” depending on which direction you look.

  2. > Android hits 51 percent of mobile web use, while iOS grows faster

    “online ad impressions” is not the same as “mobile web use”. Don’t use misleading titles.

  3. Bob Black says:

    I find it interesting that I have NEVER selected Safari as a web browser on my iTouch yet when I check the task bar later in the day it’s always am I included in this survey, if so then it’s not honest as I’m sure there are a lot of others who hate Safari too.. ( almost as much as iTunes ( sic) )

  4. Please people, don’t support such a rotten company responsible not just for ebook price fixing robbery…