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We’ve already had a fairly decent look at LG’s upcoming G Flex curved display smartphone thanks to a brief hands-on video and there’s no question the form factor is wild. Now, the device and it’s 6″ curved display is being teased for arrival on Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T thanks to Twitter tipster @evleaks.

LG has yet to confirm any news of launches outside of South Korea so it’s safe to say we may not see this device on store shelves in the very near future. Regardless of when it launches, the G Flex’s curved display begs smartphone lovers and even curious onlookers to pick it up and play around with the form factor.

For the moment, we’ll have to take @evleaks at his word that this device will arrive stateside even as we try to learn more about what kind of horsepower the device has under its hood. In the meantime, you can check out the LG promotional video showing off the hardwares “self-healing” mode from light scratches. LG has yet to describe the new technology but the YouTube description indicates light scratches from every day use will be fixed, while recovery from deeper scratches or drops may not be possible.

LG G Flex self-healing-back test images on the back cover of this product are subject to self-healing technology, light scratches that occur in everyday life spontaneously disappear. however, user error (artificial scratches, dropping, scratches) or specific use environment arising from excessive scratches, nicks, etc. recovery may not be possible.

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2 Responses to “Twitter Tipster @evleaks “confirms” LG G Flex for three national carriers”

  1. Dennis Gwapo says:

    Noble Peace Prize Leaker! hehe