Amazon’s never shied away from quietly mocking Apple’s iPad and that’s why this new Kindle Fire HDX and its distinctly British voice has us laughing. Calling it the “magical new iPad Air” in proper British tongue, this new commercial discovered via YouTube is offset with the American accented intro of the 8.9″ Kindle Fire HDX.

Amazon’s commercial points out the Kindle Fire’s 20% difference in weight, a million more pixels (see “better” display) and just $379 for the 16GB model compared to Apple’s $499. There’s no question Apple’s iPad is light, in fact that’s the first thing noted in every single review across the interwebs. However, Amazon lays claim to an even lighter tablet and they are not making any attempt to hide their direct assault on the iPad…even if its being done in a mocking British accent.

Needless to say, this commercial is a far better parody of Apple compared to the garbage Microsoft has been tossing around lately. I’d much rather see Amazon go after Apple and jest around with accents rather than see Microsoft “Scroogled” all across the internet.” Besides, Amazon is clearly having better luck with their marketing even if they aren’t releasing sales numbers, the Kindle Fire line sure seems like a hit.

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3 Responses to “Amazon’s newest Kindle Fire commercial mocks Apple’s iPad, Jony Ive”

  1. Meh. Not especially clever or interesting. Reminds of the desperate Samsung stuff. I am sure Sir Jony Ive isn’t shedding any tears over this lame mockery.

  2. I’m not sure how having a guy with a British accent is mocking Jony Ive.

    • David Beren says:

      My first immediate thought was that a distinctly British voice, the use of the word “magical” and the iPad Air was a direct mock on Ive.