From 9to5Mac:
Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 11.54.48 AM

Chalk up another Google app for iOS update as the app goes all iOS 7-fied as the official app finally receives the treatment. It takes a few seconds to notice the changes as I almost missed the full screen front page that now omits the signal, battery and carrier label. Overall, the update introduces:

Google is faster and more immersive with:
• iOS 7 styling and true full screen browsing
• Fast, fluid image search for iPad
• Smarter integration with the Google Maps app

Grab the update from iTunes and enjoy your faster and more fluid Google searching from iOS.

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2 Responses to “Google search for iOS updated, adds full-screen browsing and iOS 7 style”

  1. On an iPhone, can you set Google as your default search? Ive read BING is the default search, especially for Siri. It seems you have to just manually use any Google services vs having them automatic like on an Android. I may switch to an iPHone next year and am wondering