Oh the weather outside may still be frightful, but inside the morning after Christmas is definitely delightful. Now that Christmas music is put back onto the shelf for next year, what Android, Chrome, Google-related goodies did you get for your holidays?

Perhaps you received a Chromecast, or maybe a brand new Android device? Maybe you found yourself on the receiving end of a brand new Chromebook. Let the 9to5Google crew know what Santa had waiting for you on Christmas morning. As for yours truly, I spent the morning broadcasting National Lampoons Christmas Vacation to the biggest screen in the house courtesy of Netflix and my 90 day free trial. Then I did it all again later in the evening. Perhaps I’ll do it again tonight just for one more viewing of what is arguably the greatest Christmas movie of all time.


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3 Responses to “What did you get for Christmas? The Google, Android, Chrome edition”

  1. I bought an LG G2 with a early upgrade from VZW. Replaced a 2 year old Galaxy Nexus. So much happier now…

  2. I got the nexus wireless charger. It works great with my nexus 4! I didn’t think the magnets would work with the nexus 4, but I was wrong as it holds my phone in place!

  3. Bought myself an LG G2 phone and made it work like the Nexus 5 by copying the apk files over and using the stock Android 4.4.2 launcher. Now it’s perfect!