Investors may be pleased by today’s news of Google’s Nest acquisition, but some Nest owners are far less enthused.

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13 Responses to “‘I just tore mine off of the wall': Nest owners react to Google buyout”

  1. What are these people talking about!! If Google wants to spy on you they don’t need any better tool than your phone. It doesn’t invade your privacy only when you are home, it invades it everywhere!! So why would they go through all this trouble of buying a new company just to spy on you, or is your room temperature a matter of national security!!

  2. Danny Lewis says:

    I just don’t understand people. I really don’t care who owns Nest as long as it still works and Google has always let paranoid people who think they are so god damn important opt-out of anything they don’t want to be apart of.

  3. This is not my own comment. I was going to paraphrase but its too good to shorten. Its from Ron Amadeo:

    I love the manufactured outrage claiming that Nest’s schedule learning and single-point motion sensor is somehow this incredibly sacred treasure trove of location data. The “Google will know when I’m home!!!111″ crowd must have forgotten about the GPS chip in their smartphone that knows not only when they are home, but where they are at all times, or the (often always-on) Wi-Fi location that can do the same thing, or cell tower triangulation, or the fact that any company could easily resolve when you are home anytime you go on the internet using your home IP address.

    Nest’s location data would probably be the worst piece of location data in Google’s arsenal. In fact, improved location data from something like a smartphone would be one of the biggest immediate benefits to the Nest.

    The good ship Privacy is resting at the bottom of the ocean, and these people are running around panicking about pinhole leaks. Any company that wanted to use your location for some imaginary evil plot, Google especially, already has much better ways to figure out where you are. Now hush.

  4. LOL @all the idiot nerd rage. GG losers.

  5. Like Apple doesn’t track you…what a joke. I wonder where the fingerprints are going…oh that’s right on the phone. lol.

  6. Since none of you folks want your nests anymore, I’ll take it. Or at least post a video of you ripping it off the wall so I can laugh at you for being so immature. LOL!

  7. Dan King says:

    I’ve been planning to buy a Nest and a Protect this year, Google’s purchase of Nest means….I’m still going to buy a Nest and Protect this year

  8. I was planning on buying a nest device no more.

  9. These reactions make approximately no sense.

  10. Yea all the tweets coming from anti-Google people. Anyone from pro-Google since this is 9to5Google?