Analyst Alex Barredo today tweeted a photo today depicting the size of the app stores on all major mobile platforms. According to the chart, Android’s Play Store has the most apps, with iOS’ App Store not too far behind it. Both are growing rapidly, and both are approaching the 1.4 billion mark.

Third on the chart are iOS iPad apps, which the analyst separates from the ‘regular’ iPhone App Store. The chart shows the iPad as having about 500,000 distinctly optimized apps.

The Windows Phone App Store comes in forth and last on the list, with less than 350,000 apps, it’s no secret Windows Phone is the underachiever here.

via @somospostpc

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2 Responses to “Analyst: Play Store and iOS App Store rapidly growing, Windows Phone fails to impress”

  1. ereaderranks says:

    I knew windows apps were last, but I had no idea that they were so far behind the competition. It’s not even close.

  2. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple Tech and commented:
    Lines up with pretty much all the stats we’ve heard over and over. Window is flailing, which isn’t surprising given the surprising lack of focus Microsoft seems to have with it. Despite having some cool features and services, it doesn’t feel up to par or truly beyond other offerings from Android or iOS. Maybe they’ll improve that in the future and get app developers on board too. It’s a cycle. No users? No developers. No developers? No app? No users. They need to figure out how to break this cycle.