The Moto X isn’t the only thing in Motorola Mobility’s catalog due for a replacement. A recently discovered FCC filing has revealed that the soon to be former Google company is working on a newer version of its Skip phone unlocking accessory. If you’re unfamiliar with Motorola’s companion hardware, it’s a small NFC-powered wearable clip that lets Moto X owners unlock their phone with a fast tap without having to use a password or screen pattern.

The refreshed version of the Skip will use Bluetooth instead of NFC and will evolve from being more than a quick access key to your smartphone. The updated gadget will also be capable of helping you locate your misplaced keys if the device is attached to your keychain, or a lost smartphone after double tapping the Skip’s power button.

Motorola is expected to announce its highly anticipated Motorola X+1 at an event on September 4th, in Chicago, however the company’s invitation also appeared to hint that it might have a few other products on tap, including a new wireless accessory.

(via Droid-Life)

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