It seems as if almost every flagship smartphone has managed to explode in the pocket of its owner at some point, and today we’re adding the OnePlus One to that list. In a post made by one user of the OnePlus forum MiYzu, we get a great illustration of just how scary it can be when a lithium ion battery just decides to catch fire.

According to the user, he was just riding the subway when the phone blew up. It was apparently in his rear pocket (which might lead one to question whether or not he might have sat on it at some point, potentially causing this disaster), and he says that the incident managed to burn the phone’s case, put a hole in his jeans, and burn his leg.

Quite hilariously, MiYzu did take a second at the end of his post to praise the OnePlus One, saying that its battery is actually pretty great. “Fun fact at the same time I was talking with my brother about the battery life of the One. The battery is good it lasts a day.” But I guess a great battery isn’t so great if it can cause second or third degree burns.

Fortunately, it looks like one of the administrators on the OnePlus forum is making sure this problem gets taken care of:

Sorry to hear that. This has never happened previously. Could you please open a ticket and send me via PM your ticket number. I will ask Support to contact you as soon as possible tomorrow. Thanks

Check out the full gallery below:

(via Android Police)

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3 Responses to “OnePlus One owner reports spontaneous combustion of his phone, leg burns”

  1. Hilariously I just got my OnePlus One a few days ago and today I just ordered that same exact case/back-cover. Man I hope it wasn’t a combo of the two.

  2. Josh Young says:

    I guess 9to5Google doesn’t know very much about OnePlus’s customer support system. The support will most likely ask a whole bunch of questions to determine if it is actually a hardware defect before they will even issue a RMA. Based on how they are currently running their company, the support ticket will take at least a week before a RMA is issued. If it is not OnePlus’s fault, then you will have to pay for your own shipping…to CHINA.