Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will host a Google+ Hangout today as the first in a series of GOP presidential candidate Hangouts.

“In American politics, there’s nothing quite so frantic or fast-paced as a presidential campaign,” announced Google+’s Head of Community Partnerships Steve Grove on the page. “Google+ Hangouts have made that a little bit easier, providing new ways for politicians, political organizations, advocates and campaigners to connect directly over video to share information online.”

More information is available below.

Romney will host the Hangout at 2:45 p.m. ET on his Google+ profile. Supporters can ask the candidate questions about his campaign in the Hangout, or they can post questions on Google+ with the hashtag #AskMitt.

Google explained that a Hangout lets users “chill with friends that are scrolling the web,” “use live video chat,” or “coordinate plans.” In other words, the feature is essentially a hyped-up video conferencing ability through Google+. The multi-person video chat tool allows up to 10 participants to hang out free.

According to Google’s Politics & Elections blog, each of the GOP presidential candidates will host their own Google+ Hangouts as the campaign trail intensifies. However, they are not the only politicians taking advantage of the social network’s marketing tool. President Obama also hosted a Hangout on Jan. 30 called “Your Interview,” where he answered top- voted user-submitted questions.

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